Civil litigation solicitors

Whether you are facing the choice about making a personal claim due to a legal dispute or you are being sued in the civil courts, having the right team of solicitors on your side can be of huge benefit. Our litigation and dispute resolution team is one of the best in London and the South East and we can advise you on the right course of action, both legally and, just importantly, tactically.

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Our experience and services

Our specialist lawyers can help with all types of claims and disputes. Some of the more common areas include:

  • Negligence claims including professional negligence
  • Boundary, party wall & neighbour disputes
  • Landlord & tenant disputes including possession claims
  • Harassment and defamation claims
  • Building disputes
  • Inheritance related disputes
  • Disputes with executors or trustees
  • Personal insolvency issues including where bankruptcy is threatened or personal guarantees may be enforced
  • Claims for misrepresentation
  • Financial mis-selling claims
  • Dispute resolution methods such as mediation – we can arrange mediation, advise you whether to suggest mediation and represent you.

Probate Disputes

When someone dies, the Will should allow executors to distribute estate assets just as the deceased would have wished. If you believe a Will is invalid, or your inheritance rights have not been upheld in some way you may have grounds to contest the Will. And if you believe an executor or probate solicitor is not administering the estate correctly, you may also benefit from legal advice on how to challenge their authority to act.

To find out more click through to our Contentious Probate page for more details on how our probate dispute lawyers could help you.

Professional Negligence Claims

When you employ a professional service provider, you are owed a duty of care to ensure that any advice given, upon which you act, or the service provided is of an adequate standard and that any risks are carefully explained. If the services of an architect, accountant, solicitor or any other professional service provider fall below an acceptable standard and you suffer loss as a result, you have the right to claim compensation through the civil courts.

The professional negligence solicitors at Wellers act in cases across London, Kent and Surrey. Click through to our Professional Negligence page to find out more.

Property Disputes

Disputes relating to property come in all shapes and sizes, from nuisance claims and boundary disputes to breach of restrictive covenant and disputes arising out of sale and purchase of property.

We specialise in assisting clients who are in dispute regarding their beneficial interest in a property (TOLATA claims).

Our experienced team of property solicitors can act on your behalf in a property dispute whether the matter relates to residential or commercial property.

Trust Litigation

Trust related disputes can be complex and require expertise and skill. Our team advise on contentious matters involving trusts of land, issues with trustees and more.

Expert Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Disputes and litigation can be stressful and costly – our team will help you to manage both to get the right result.

We fight hard to get the best results for our clients – in particular we always try to resolve disputes without court action – however, our paramount consideration is the outcome that we need to achieve for our client and therefore we will pursue every option to get that result.

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