GP and doctor errors – when a doctor fails to act

For most patients suffering from illness, the first point of contact when seeking medical care will be their GP. A doctor might be deemed negligent if he or she fails to recognise that a patient needs to be referred to a specialist, usually via a hospital, for further tests and treatment.

GPs also have a duty of care to their patients to follow up on test results and information received from specialists and other healthcare practitioners, which, if not acted upon correctly can lead to worsening of conditions and severe consequences for the patient, particularly for cancer patients and those suffering from vascular conditions.

Failure to refer and other referral errors

Claims in relation to referrals, cover several types of incident, including:

  • If a GP fails to recognise that a patient needs to be referred to a specialist for tests or treatment – this can cause significant delays in the patient receiving the treatment they need.
  • Administrative errors in relation to referrals – including patients getting lost in the system or a referral simply not being processed correctly by the GP surgery.
  • Following up after hospital treatment – when a patient is discharged back into the care of their GP, it is the GP’s responsibility to monitor the patient’s recovery and refer them back to hospital for any follow up tests and treatment that might be required.

If a referral error has occurred and this has led to you suffering harm, either due to delayed treatment or delayed diagnosis of your condition, your doctor may have been medically negligent. You will need to prove that other doctors, with the same skill-set and experience, would have treated you differently and referred you sooner or handled the referral differently.

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Failure to follow up or act upon test results

Medical testing is fundamental to a patient’s healthcare and most of us will at some point undergo medical testing following a visit to a GP. We then place our trust in the GP to follow up the test request or act upon the test results they receive.

The types of testing that a GP or doctor should follow up and act upon include:

  • Blood test results
  • Urine sample results
  • Biopsy results
  • X-ray images
  • CT and MRI scan results

If your GP or a hospital doctor fails to follow up or act upon test results, and your condition worsens as a result, this may be adjudged to be an act of medical negligence.

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Failure to act upon information

All healthcare professionals have a duty to care for patients and to act on information they receive from other healthcare professionals. If a GP, private doctor or hospital doctor receives information about a patient’s health and fails to act in an appropriate manner and this failure causes the patient to suffer harm then this is an act of medical negligence.

The types of information that GPs, doctors and consultants are required to scrutinise and act upon include:

  • Medical history reports
  • A & E triage assessments
  • Ward nurse assessments
  • Occupational health assessments
  • District nursing and community care assessments
  • Mental health assessments

If a doctor has failed to act upon information received about your health or failed to act appropriately and this has led to your condition worsening un-necessarily, or led to the death of a family member, then the doctor may have been medically negligent.

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Medical negligence claims with Wellers Law Group

Our dedicated medical negligence claim page has lots more information about the three main areas of proof required for a successful claim, time limits, and the different types of GP, doctor and surgical failures.

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