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Our specialist team of London based immigration advisors pride themselves on their expert knowledge of the immigration process. When it comes to drafting an initial application, preparing a covering letter, and collating the necessary documentation, we leave no stone unturned to ensure a successful immigration decision. Where our immigration lawyers can foresee a situation, which may cause the Home Office to question your eligibility or the information provided, we will pre-empt this by providing clarification and explanatory information with the initial application.

Our expertise in the following areas of immigration law means that we are able to guide you through what can otherwise be a daunting process. This is why it is so important to find a good immigration lawyer from the outset of your matter. Leaving your application to chance is not only stressful, but it is also potentially costly, and will lead to a delay in securing the clearance you need to move, start work, visit, or start your studies. We assist private clients with the following immigration matters (please note, this is a non-exhaustive list):

  • Spouse visas
  • Fiancée visas
  • Visit visas
  • Student/Short term student visas
  • Naturalisation as a British Citizen (Adults)
  • Registration as a British Citizen (Children)
  • Indefinite leave to remain
  • UK Ancestry visas
  • Youth Mobility visas
  • BNO Visas
  • Graduate visas
  • Discretionary Leave (Overstayers)
  • Adult Dependant relative visas
  • Domestic violence visas
  • Appeals
  • Judicial Review


What do you want to do?

Tell us why you are coming to the UK.

Family Visas

If you are married to or in a relationship with a British Citizen or your partner is settled in the UK, we can assist you to apply for a visa to join and remain in the UK with your partner.

Please note that should you wish to enter the UK to get married or enter into a civil partnership only, a UK marriage visitor visa may be the option for you.

Get in touch with our experienced advisors to receive professional advice on your family visa matter and learn how you can enter the UK.

Ancestry Visas

Commonwealth citizens who can prove they have a UK-born grandparent may be able to successfully apply for an Ancestry visa to enter and remain in the UK.

Ancestry visa is a route to settlement in the UK.

Indefinite Leave To Remain

If you wish to live permanently in the UK there are several ways to do this depending on your circumstances and whether you wish to seek British citizenship or settled status without naturalisation (also known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’).

If you have lived in the UK on a temporary visa for a relevant period, we can help you apply for Indefinite Leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

Typically, you must have spent 5 years in the UK before an application for ILR can be made. Although in certain circumstances, you can apply after 3 years or even 2.

Many different types of immigration visas can lead to ILR including but not limited to Skilled worker, Spouse visa, Ancestry visas.

Once you have obtained Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK, you can live and work in the UK without restrictions. You will usually be eligible to apply for British Citizenship once you have held your ILR status for 12 months.


British naturalisation is the legal process of becoming a British citizen if you are not British by birth. As a naturalised British citizen, you will be eligible for a UK passport and have the same rights and privileges as a British person. You will be able to live, work, and access public funds in the UK. You will also be free of immigration control. Being free of immigration control means you can travel in and out of the UK freely for the rest of your life, removing the need for a visa.

Under this route, to naturalise as a British national, you must have resided in the UK for at least 5 years and hold one of the following, and have done so for at least one year:

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK
  • Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Indefinite Leave to Enter the UK

Please note, if you are applying based on your marriage, civil partnership, or relationship to a British national, you will not need to meet the additional one-year residence requirement.

Appeal against an immigration decision

If your visa application has been denied, you must act quickly.

If you intend to challenge an immigration decision, it is important that you speak to an immigration lawyer who has experience of appeals to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

We have significant experience in this area and will provide clear guidance on your likelihood of a successful challenge.

FAQs, Fees and Services

UK Immigration rules can be difficult to understand. The Wellers Immigration team, headed by Lorraine Toal, is experienced, knowledgeable and able to help those with complex circumstances that fall outside of the general application eligibility.

At the outset, we will provide you with an understanding of how the visa application process works and the information and documents you will need to provide for a successful application.

We will complete the visa application forms on your behalf and should any issues arise with your application, we will be on hand to liaise with the Home Office on your behalf.

We offer fixed-fee services, but understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to immigration.


Disbursement fees for each visa application you wish to submit to the Home Office will incur. You can expect the main disbursements to include:

  1. Home Office fees
  2. Court fees
  3. HM Passport Office fees
  4. Counsel’s fee
  5. Payments to third parties
  6. Translation fees, ECCTIS fees, Courier and postage charges etc.


Want to know more on the Immigration Legislative changes coming in 2024?

Head over to our recent article.


How we can help

Our team will be there to support you from start to finish or we can help you with any specific stage of the process. we will:

  • Guide you through the collation of supporting documents for your application
  • Advise you on the process, requirements and supporting documentation
  • Prepare your application with the recommended supporting evidence
  • Prepare letter of representation in support of applications
  • Prepare appeal grounds and submit to the First Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal
  • For appeal cases, we will prepare witness statements, statutory declarations, affidavits
  • Update you on the progress of applications and advise on deadlines
  • Prepare legal submissions when necessary
  • Advise where appropriate on judicial review

Pay as you go service

Think you can handle your own application but need guidance along the way?

Our advisors can offer you a no obligation pay as you go service where you will be charged at the hourly rate of an advisor to answer your questions or point you in the right direction to handle your own application. This gives you the freedom to choose how much or how little assistance you require from an expert.

Fixed fee consultation and your consultation fee refunded if you choose Wellers to represent you

Initial Consultation

We offer a one-hour fixed fee consultation for £50 + VAT.

Should you wish to instruct Wellers with your immigration matter following the consultation, this fee will be deducted from our overall fee to assist.

You have the option to have the consultation via email, in-person, telephone or video call (i.e., Zoom or MS Teams).

We will:

  • Take instructions from you and provide you with detailed advice on the best application to proceed with for a successful application.
  • Answer any prepared questions you have
  • Provide you with costs and timeline to receive a decision

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In safe hands from start to finish

Instructing Wellers Immigration Service means that you can eliminate much of the confusion and hassle that can often be associated with most immigration applications.

Take advantage of our vast experience and expert support.

For help, advice and representation from a specialist immigration advisor with experience in all aspects of the immigration and appeals process, please call our Head of Immigration, Oliver O’Sullivan on 020 7481 6381 or email Oliver.OSulivan@wellerslawgroup.com or contact our Immigration Case Advisor Elizabeth Edu by email elizabeth.edu@wellerslawgroup.com 

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