What is a BNO passport?

A BNO passport is a travel document that does not carry citizenship rights in the UK. A BNO passport holder cannot pass this status to their children automatically. Usually, a BNO passport holder will be allowed to visit the UK for six months without first applying for entry clearance. They can stay for six months but are not allowed to work or study.

To apply for a BNO Passport you must complete an online application. The Immigration Team at Wellers can help you renew your expired or lost BNO passport and provide advice on your entitlement status to obtain British Citizenship under new rules.

New Rules for British Nationals Overseas

Under recent Government plans, British Nationals Overseas (BNO) and their dependents will be given the right to remain in the UK, including the right to work or study for five years. This change may have been prompted by a particular situation developing in Hong Kong but applies to all British Nationals Overseas.

Under the new Government plans, such persons will be eligible to apply for settlement after five years of living in the UK, and after a further one year from obtaining settled status, they can apply for British Citizenship. BNO passport holders in Hong Kong will be able to travel to the UK immediately, subject to standard immigration checks.

BNO passport holders will not face salary thresholds to extend their visas. However, it is not yet known how BNO passport holders who have overstayed in the UK will be treated by the Government.

 What you can expect from Wellers’ immigration service?

The care and support we provide sets Wellers Immigration Service apart from other solicitors

We will:

  • Give you a single point of contact and a fully personalised service.
  • Provide advice on the correct type of application to meet your particular needs and the likelihood of success.
  • Guide you through completing and collating the correct supporting documents before we process your application.
  • Offer transparent and concise advice to keep the whole process simple and jargon-free.
  • Update you on the progress of applications and advise on deadlines.
  • Prepare legal submissions when necessary.
  • Provide alternative options to regularise and extend your stay in the UK.
  • Assist with overseas applications and have experience in making representations to Entry Clearance Officers abroad.
  • Prepare your application with the recommended supporting evidence.
  • Prepare a letter of representation in support of applications.

Experienced immigration solicitor to support your BNO passport application

Take advantage of our vast experience and expert support. We can help you identify the right immigration route for your personal and family circumstances. We can help you with your online BNO passport application or renewal.

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