Expert immigration advice and guidance

The rules governing immigration are constantly changing and more changes are likely to occur over the next few years. Having the support of a qualified and knowledgeable solicitor is a must if you wish to live and work in the UK.

At Wellers we are fortunate to have Lorraine Toal who is a Partner at at Wellers with over 15 years post qualification experience in Family and Immigration work. Please refer to her profile for more details.  For immigration work Lorraine is also supervised by one of the Firm’s Partners.

Lorraine provides clients with an exceptional and very personal service to take care of them from the very start of an application through to the completion and a successful result. However Lorraine is also able to pick up an application half way through the process or at the point of an appeal to provide the guidance necessary.

Our Fees

Service Fee
 Applications for Entry Clearance
Spouse/Unmarried partner/Fiancé(e) £1,500.00
Same Sex/Civil Partnership Visas £1,500.00
EEA Family Permit £1,200.00
Visitor Visas £800.00
Special Visit Visas (marriage visitor, student visitors, entertainers ) £950.00
Dependent Children under 18 years old £1,500.00
Settlement Applications for Dependant Adult Relatives £1,500.00
Temporary Dependant Relatives £950.00
Tier 1 – Entrepreneur £1,500.00
Tier 2 – Investor £1,500.00
Skilled Worker Route – Formerly Tier 2 – General (Work Permit) £1,200.00
Tier 4 – (General/Child Student) £700.00
Tier PBS Dependant (all Tiers) £950.00
Applications for Relatives
Extension for Leave to Remain in the UK as a Spouse £1,200.00
Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK on completion of Spouse Visa £1,500.00
Rights to Access by a Parent for a British/LR Status Child £1,500.00
7 Year Rule for Children in the UK £1,500.00
Applications for Regularisation of Stay
Leave to Remain Application under Human Rights, Article 8 ECHR 1998 £1,500.00
Discretionary Leave (Over stayers) £1,500.00
Compassionate Circumstances (Human Rights) £1,500.00
Further Representations to the Home Office £700.00
All Appeals: Lodging Grounds of Appeal, Preparation of Case £2,000.00 to £3,500.00
Advocacy (Barrister) London £500.00 to £700.00
Entry Clearance Appeals under Paragraph 320 £2,000.00
Reconsideration Hearings (Preparation) £800.00
Deportation Appeals £2,000.00 to £3,500.00
Settlement Applications
Indefinite Stay after Ten Years in the UK (Long Residence) £1200.00
Leave to Remain after 20 Years Unlawful and/or Lawful stay in the UK (Long Residence) £2,000
Immigration Detention
Request for Temporary Admission/CIO Bail at Airport £800.00
Request for Temporary Admission/CIO Bail at Detention Centre £850.00
Application for Bail at the Tribunal + Advocacy £1200.00
Judicial Review £4,000.00 to £6,000.00
British Citizenship Applications
Registration of Children – British Citizenship £800.00
Naturalisation as a British Citizen (Adult) £1,000.00
Applications (In-Country)
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Tier PBS route) £1,000.00
Tier 1  (Entrepreneur) £1,500.00
Tier 1 (Investor) £1,500.00
Skilled Worker/Tier 2 (Sponsor Licence Application) £2,000.00 to £3,000.00
Skilled Worker/Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship £800.00
Tier 4 (Students) £950.00
Tier 5 (All Categories) £950.00
European Union Applications
Workers’ Registration Scheme

Derivative Rights Application



Residence Document Based on Marriage/relation to an EEA National £1,200.00
Permanent Residence Application £1,000.00

All estimates include the following

  • Attending on client
  • Taking instructions and providing advice
  • Discussing and considering supporting documents
  • Preparing and submitting the application
  • Advising the client on all necessary steps
  • Providing estimated timelines
  • Updating client on progress when necessary
  • Advising client on outcome and way forward where applicable

Our prices do not include VAT or disbursements, such as Home Office fees, Court fee, Counsel’s fee, payments to third parties.

Lorraine’s hourly rate is £250.00.

Please note that prospects of each case are considered on the individual’s personal circumstances and history with the UKVI and other authorities.

We will advise you if we have to review our costs due to unforeseen circumstances during the course of the case.

An initial fixed fee appointment/consultation is charged at £100 (plus VAT).

The above fees assume:-

  • There is only one meeting.
  • You give clear instructions in a timely way.
  • All documentation provided by you is complete, consistent, and in order.
  • We do not require further correspondence to clarify any of the required documentation – nothing is missing or incomplete.

Please call Lorraine Toal on 020 8290 7956 or email