Expert immigration advice and guidance

The rules governing immigration are constantly changing and more changes are likely to occur over the next few years. Having the support of a qualified and knowledgeable solicitor is a must if you wish to live and work in the UK.

SRA Price & Service Transparency 

Under SRA Transparency Rules, we are required to publish price and service information regarding our immigration services.


Fees for our legal services

Our fees are based on an estimate of time that we anticipate an individual case taking and the level of expertise required for different aspects of our service. Fees can depend on factors such as where a client is based, a client’s availability, access to documentation and/or information relevant to the case, a client’s prior immigration history and length of time needed to assess and/or process supporting evidence. Cases can range in complexity and so fees will also incorporate the level of expertise required at different stages of the application.


Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is a tax added to most products and services sold by VAT registered businesses. In the UK, the VAT rate is 20%. The fees listed do not include VAT at 20% which you will incur in most cases.


What our services include

When you instruct Wellers Law Group in connection with any of the visa types as listed below, our services include:

  • discussing your circumstances in detail and advising on the Immigration Rules and your eligibility in relation to the relevant application
  • considering whether any other options are available to you
  • completing the application documentation
  • providing you with a comprehensive checklist outlining what documents are required in support of your application
  • reviewing supporting documentation provided by you and advising if additional evidence is required
  • preparing further template documentation where required
  • co-ordinating Home Office application appointments
  • liaising with the Home Office in relation to your application
  • giving you advice about the outcome of the application and any further steps you need to take.

Fixed Fee Arrangements

In many cases for the visa applications listed below, once we have reviewed your circumstances and satisfied that you are eligible to apply, we charge for our service on a fixed fee arrangement. This means that even if the work on your application takes longer than initially anticipated there will be no additional charges unless there is a significant change to your circumstances or instructions.

Our hourly rates

These fees are calculated by reference to our hourly rates which vary depending on the experience of the case worker carrying out the work.

Our hourly rate ranges from £175 + VAT per hour to £365 + VAT per hour depending on the experience of the case worker.

Our Fees

Immigration Services Fees ex. VAT@20%
Graduate visa £1,000.00
High Potential Individual visa £1,000.00
Global Talent visa £3,000.00
Start Up visa £3,000.00
Innovator Founder Initial visa £3,000.00
Youth Mobility visa £3,000.00
Partner visa £2,300.00
Partner Family life visa £2,300.00
Parent visa £2,300.00
Parent Family life visa £2,300.00
Visit visa £1,000.00
Ancestry visa £1,750.00
Student visa £1,750.00
Parent of Student visa £1,000.00
Short-term Study visa £1,750.00
10 Year-long residence IRL £2,300.00
Naturalisation £1,200.00
Registration £1,200.00
EUSS Late Application £1,500.00
EUSS Settled Status £750.00


Immigration disbursements

Disbursements are costs that are payable to third parties, such as visa fees.

As with our fees, the below disbursements exclude VAT. We have marked where VAT at 20% may be chargeable but we will confirm whether VAT is payable when you instruct us.


Timescales for immigration services

The preparation of an application can depend on many factors, which can be anticipated in many cases. We will work towards submitting an application mindful of all key dates, such as the date a visa expires or a start date for a job or course of study. Once an application has been submitted, we will remain the point of contact between the applicant and the Home Office. Application processing times depend on application type and the country of application with some applications taking up to 12 months to be processed. We advise on anticipated processing times at the outset.


People carrying out our immigration services:

Our immigration advisers are extremely experienced in providing immigration advice and working on immigration applications. From the outset of a new engagement, we inform the client who will be working on their application.

Our immigration advisers work under the supervision of our Managing Partner, Tony Summers.

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