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Protecting yourself and your family has never been more important. Making sure your assets and wealth are handled as you wish and that your loved ones are taken care of when you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself is a complex matter.

Superb personal, yet professional, service from Wellers when we needed a Lasting Power of Attorney for my elderly father. Thoughtful and sensitive follow up after he died. I recommend Wellers Law Group.

Wellers team of Wills, Trust, LPA and probate solicitors provide a precise and professional service that works for your individual circumstances. Below you will find details of the services we provide.


Wellers provides a package of tailored Wills for your specific circumstances.

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Our Will writing service provides a comprehensive package of Wills designed to cater for your individual circumstances, and to protect your loved ones and your wealth and assets. When you choose Wellers to prepare your Will, the document will always be overseen by a qualified solicitor who will discuss your needs and make sure the Will is appropriate for your circumstances.

Find out more on our Will Writing Service dedicated page.

If you already have a Will, you should take the time to consider how your circumstances might change in the future or, perhaps, have already changed since the document was written. Now might be the perfect time to let Wellers help you update your Will to suit your new estate planning wishes.

We can also assist with numerous other issues and answer your questions on all of the following. Click on the links for more information:



Arrange a tailored Will from your home, aided by a qualified lawyer online who will draft the document accurately and in accordance with your exact wishes.

Wellers Connnect

The Wellers Connect service was developed as a response to the coronavirus health pandemic lockdown in 2020. It enables anyone with a computer, smart phone or tablet to arrange a tailored Will from their home, without the need to visit a solicitor’s office.

Our fully qualified Wills solicitors will draft your Will as part of our unique five-step process that, unlike many online Wills services, ensures you receive a bespoke Will which takes into consideration your individual circumstances.

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We work with families and businesses to help them manage their wealth and assets efficiently, now and on into the future.

Inheritance Tax Planning

There are numerous planning options and strategies available to help families and businesses optimise and manage their wealth effectively. Planning how you wish your estate and business assets to be transferred forward is an essential factor in enabling your legacy to be protected and continued.

Subject to your particular situation, the size of your estate, and various other factors, we can provide you with actionable Inheritance Tax planning solutions and explain the relative pros and cons of each. We can help you create, and put in place, a succession plan that will ensure your business can be transferred forward with ease and assurance.

Wellers Wealth provides a focused service for high value and complex cases. Our expert legal team assists with the technical aspects of tax and associated tax law, and provides key solutions for our clients’ wealth management and estate planning needs. Click on the links below for more information.


Protect and manage your assets in your lifetime and for the benefit of others when you have passed away.

Piggy Bank

A Trust is a fund which contains assets controlled by you and/or a nominated third party for the benefit of others. Trusts can be set up at any time and can become operative immediately (during your lifetime) or after your death.

Trusts can be used for a number of purposes. For example: to make sure that particular assets are held and managed in a way you agree with, to look after people who are perhaps already vulnerable or who may become vulnerable in the future, or to put money and assets aside until a person reaches adulthood. Trusts can also be an effective Inheritance Tax planning tool.

Governed by complex legal regulations and tax rules, it is essential to seek qualified legal advice if you wish to set up a trust.

Find out more about what Weller’s Trust solicitors can do for you.     


Making sure your wishes are carried out and you are protected when no longer able to make decisions for yourself.

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A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to choose who will make decisions about your health, welfare and finances if you lose the capacity to make such decisions due to an accident or ill health, such as dementia.

You will constantly hear that making a Will is the single most important protection for you and your family (and this is not untrue), but using LPAs can mean that you are protected if you become vulnerable before you pass away and that it is you rather then the Court of Protection who decides who will represent you and make important decisions about your property and assets and/or your healthcare and general day-to-day welfare.

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Legal assistance for executors and family members when someone has died.

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Managing the estate of a deceased person (also known as estate administration) occurs through a process known as probate when there is a Will or under the rules of intestacy when there is no Will. A Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration is required in order to release assets of an estate, such as property and investments, and to settle any debts and taxes due.

The probate process can be complex and can be a particularly difficult task if you are grieving the loss of a loved one. The fully trained and qualified probate solicitors at Wellers can undertake the complete administrative process on your behalf or we can undertake specific complex tasks to assist you at your request.

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For when you believe a Will is not valid or if you are concerned about the way a deceased person’s estate is being administered.


Disputed Wills

When someone dies the administration and handling of their estate can be a complex process.

If you believe there are doubts about the validity of a Will or that the contents of the Will are unfair and should be disputed, then the experienced team of solicitors at Wellers Law can help.

Similarly, a contentious probate claim can be made when there is a dispute in respect of how an estate is being managed by executors following a person’s death.

Such claims are governed by complex laws and rules and the advice and representation of experienced solicitors is essential.

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For when a person cannot make decisions for themselves.

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When someone loses mental capacity to deal with their affairs and there is no valid Lasting Power of Attorney in place, it will fall to the Court of Protection (CoP) to appoint a deputy who can represent them.

The Office of the Public Guardian works alongside the CoP and together these government bodies help to ensure vulnerable people have appropriate representation and that their deputies are accountable.

Wellers can either act in a professional deputy role or we can guide you through the deputyship application process and ongoing management and accounting requirements.

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Legal Services in Surrey

Solicitors in Surrey for Wills, powers of attorney, and probate and estate administration

Welcome to Wellers Hedleys. From our Bookham High Street and Butler House offices, our team of solicitors have specialist local legal knowledge and have developed close working relationships with clients across Surrey.

We are proud of our reputation as top-notch professionals who are amenable, reliable and precise. We are an established yet modern legal practice offering a comprehensive set of services for clients who need legal assistance with all aspects relating to Will writing, Trusts, LPAs and probate, including the following:


Legal Services in Sevenoaks

Local solicitors in Kent for Wills, powers of attorney and estate administration

Welcome to Wellers Reece-Jones. From our modern, central Sevenoaks’ office, we provide friendly, approachable legal services for clients across Kent. Our client-focused service offers confidence, accuracy and proficiency during some of life’s most difficult times and through the most complex yet essential legal processes.

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I was met with professionalism but also warmth and support. So helpful and understanding.

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