Wellers Law Group offer a fixed fee package to take you through the legal process of your divorce.

Fixed Fee divorce

Naturally you will be concerned about the cost of your divorce and we offer both pay as you go options for which we provide a quotation and a fixed fee arrangement. Our Fixed Fee Divorce package is designed to take you through the central stages of the divorce process for just £750 plus Court fees. If you choose our fixed fee package have the option to add extra support, for which we will provide specific quotations, if required, throughout the process, but you will know that the core elements are covered.

A member of our Family Department will provide you with an initial consultation and then take you through the divorce process from commencing divorce proceedings through to Decree Absolute (this is the final order on divorce, which formally ends your marriage).

In addition to the fixed fee there will be a Court fee of £593, which is payable regardless of whether you have legal representation or not.  Both the Court fee and fixed fee of £750 plus vat will be payable upfront and your original marriage certificate will need to be provided.

What is included?

  • An initial consultation from a member of our Family Department either in person, over the telephone or via Zoom.
  • Confirmation of what was discussed and agreed during the consultation together with a letter setting out our advice and procedure.
  • Your matter will be handled throughout by the same qualified expert providing advice on the divorce procedure at every step of the way throughout your divorce up until conclusion.
  • A draft letter to your spouse sent to you to approve together with a draft copy of the divorce petition.
  • Once approved the documents are sent to your spouse and then filed with the Court.
  • Dealing with the Acknowledgment of Service form.
  • Applying for Decree Nisi.
  • Dealing with Decree Nisi date and Decree Nisi.
  • Applying for Decree Absolute.
  • Dealing with the Decree Absolute.

What is not included

You may or may not require other services, depending on a number of factors surrounding your divorce and we will be able to provide a quotation for separately.

  • Obtaining a copy of your marriage certificate, if you do not have the original.
  • Translating the marriage certificate.
  • The Court fee of £593. This is payable regardless of who you instruct or whether you petition for a divorce with or without instructing a lawyer.
  • If your divorce becomes contested. This means if your spouse refuses to cooperate within the divorce proceedings by filing and returning the Acknowledgement Service form, delays the divorce proceedings, cross petitions or defends the divorce.
  • Any disputes with regard to costs of the divorce suit.
  • Any work regarding the finances arising out of the divorce.
  • Any work regarding child arrangements.
  • Any supplement applications other than filing the divorce petition with the Court, applying for Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute.

Get in touch

To find out more about the service and whether it is right for you please talk to one of our team by calling 020 8464 4242 or emailing enquiries@wellerslawgroup.com. Alternatively, please complete our simple enquiry form and we will get back to you.