Resolving Commercial Disputes the Wellers Way

Disputes can be costly for your business and organisation – not only in monetary terms but also in the potential damage to your reputation.

Do you need a dispute resolution solicitor?

Whether your organisation is currently involved in a dispute or you are anticipating a problem, the dispute resolution solicitors at Wellers can provide swift action and pragmatic solutions to mitigate the stress and cost typically associated with commercial litigation.

Our litigation and dispute resolution team is one of the best in London and the South East and we can advise you on the right course of action in the following areas:

Alternative Dispute Resolution
When your business or organisation is involved in a dispute it has the potential to stall productivity and become costly – in monetary terms, causing workforce stress, loss of goodwill, and possible damage to your business’s reputation.

By using alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, arbitration and negotiation, you may not need to go to court and disputes can often be resolved with a “round table” approach which is beneficial for all parties.

However, if ADR is unsuitable for your situation or if this approach fails, Wellers litigation solicitors are fully prepared to take robust legal action on your behalf. Please visit our Alternative Dispute Resolution page to find out more.

Charities Litigation

When your charitable organisation is involved in a dispute it can be extremely damaging. Wellers represents more than 400 charities across London, Kent and the South East, advising on matters relating to Beddoe applications, trustee disputes, fraud, reputation management and more. We provide pragmatic solutions and representation for charities when disputes arise.

To find out more please call our team or visit our Charities Litigation page.

Claims Against Financial Services Providers

If you have been mis-sold a financial services product such as a fixed-rate loan, interest rate hedging product or you have suffered losses as a result of foreign exchange manipulation, the team at Wellers can assist you in making a claim to recover losses.

To find out more about making a claim against a bank or financial services company contact Wellers today.

Company and Shareholder Disputes

Disputes within a business can derail decision making and cause stress on the organisation. The dispute resolution solicitors at Wellers can assist in matters arising from shareholder disputes, director disputes, unfair prejudice petitions and more.

To find out more and to contact the team, visit our Company and Shareholder Disputes page.

Construction Disputes

Whether you are an owner, developer, contractor, construction professional or other associated trade, construction disputes have the capacity to stall your business and hinder cash flow. At Wellers our construction dispute solicitors aim to help you avoid lengthy, costly litigation and will attempt to find a dispute resolution solution that suits your particular situation.

To learn more about our experience in this field, please visit our Construction Disputes page.

Contractual Disputes

Business and commercial operations generally run on contracts, so it’s an unsurprising reality that contractual disputes occur from time to time. Whether it relates to breach of contract, agency agreements, misrepresentation or some other contract-related matter, the dispute resolution solicitors at Wellers employ a range of resolution and litigation tools to remedy the wide range of situations which can arise from business and commerce.

For more information about our fields of expertise, please see our Contractual Disputes page.

Debt Recovery

If you are seeking payment or enforcement of a debt, the debt recovery solicitors at Wellers offer a robust, pragmatic service backed by proactive investigation and an array of tools to aid resolution, including third party debt orders, freezing injunctions and instruction of bailiffs.

To find out more about how we can help you maximise your chances of recovering a debt, click through to our Debt Recovery page.

Employment Disputes and Tribunals

Employment disputes can be damaging and costly. Wellers’ experienced team of lawyers can advise and represent you in matters relating to civil claims and Employment Tribunal. Find out how we could help your business by speaking to a member of our employment law dispute resolution team today.

Click through to our Employment Disputes page to find out more.

Franchise Disputes

We act for both franchisors and franchisees in dispute resolution matters relating to commercial franchises. We have significant expertise in setting up franchise agreements and this means we are ideally placed to help clients when things go wrong.

Matters we can advise upon include, breach of contract, intellectual property rights, misrepresentation and more. To contact the team, click through to our Franchise Disputes page.

Insolvency Litigation

The team of insolvency solicitors at Wellers has wide ranging experience in handling insolvency and bankruptcy matters including liquidations, administrations and winding up petitions. We have links to a number of countries around the globe and can assist clients in matters relating to cross-border insolvency.

For more information, click through to our Insolvency Litigation page today.

Intellectual Property

If you feel your business’s intellectual property rights have been breached, the litigation team at Wellers can help you halt any unauthorised use, effect seizure of any unofficial goods or merchandise and seek damages when necessary.

Although some types of intellectual property may be intangible assets, the value should be protected and any infringement will require swift and robust action to prevent losses and possible damage to your reputation. To find out more, visit our Intellectual Property page today.

International and Cross-border Disputes

Multi-jurisdictional disagreements have the potential to cause significant problems due to a number of factors – language interpretation, law conflicts and communications issues all have the potential to derail legal action and recovery of any damages awarded (enforcement)

The dispute resolution solicitors at Wellers have strong international links and can provide a well-placed service to clients facing international disputes.

To find out more about how Wellers could help your business, please visit our International and Cross-border Disputes page.

Landlord and Tenant

Whether you are the landlord of residential or commercial property, or the tenant in a business property, the litigation solicitors at Wellers can act on your behalf in matters relating to property disputes. We have wide-ranging experience in London, Kent and Surrey and are able to act swiftly and proactively to prevent disputes from arising. If a situation worsens, we can provide advice and representation to minimise disruption and losses.

We act for clients in matters relating to rent reviews, commercial lease interpretation, breach of covenant and much more. To find out more about the breadth of our experience and the ways in which we could help you, please click through to our Landlord and Tenant Disputes page.

Professional Negligence

When a business employs a professional service provider, whether an accountant, architect or solicitor, any advice given, upon which you act, or the service provided must be of an adequate standard and any risks must be carefully explained. If the service of a professional falls below an acceptable standard and your business suffers loss as a result, you have the right to claim compensation through the civil courts.

The professional negligence solicitors at Wellers act in cases across London, Kent and Surrey. Click through to our Professional Negligence page to find out more.

Property Disputes

Wellers’ property dispute lawyers specialise in providing advice and representation for clients in commercial property disputes across London, Kent and Surrey. We understand that not all disputes require costly litigation and we tailor our legal advice according to your unique situation.

We act for developers, landowners and commercial property tenants across a wide range of matters including breach of restrictive covenant, nuisance and trespass claims, recovery of land and more. Click through to our Property Disputes page for more information and contact details.

Expert Dispute Resolution Solicitors for Business Litigation Matters

Disputes and litigation can be stressful and costly for your business or organisation – our team of expert dispute resolution solicitors can help you manage the situation proactively and robustly to facilitate the most positive result possible.

Wellers Law Group has a range of possible solutions if you need assistance with funding for your matter. Find out more about your options.

For dispute resolution and business litigation services in Sevenoaks, please contact our Wellers Reece-Jones office and for Surrey, contact our Wellers Hedleys offices in Bookham.

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