Surrey litigation services for dispute resolution

At Wellers Hedleys in Surrey we have two excellent and experienced litigation solicitors to address whatever issues you need help with, both personal and on behalf of your business. Our services include:

  • Contract disputes
  • Civil Fraud
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Company and shareholder disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency
  • Professional negligence

Wellers Hedleys can address any aspect of dispute resolution and in Craig Batko we have an experienced solicitor covering our Bookham and Effingham. We also have the expertise of Consultant, Roger Taylor whose work with businesses, parish and town councils, and private individuals over the last 40 years often focuses on litigation issues.

We are great believers in alternative dispute resolution, as it is often more cost-effective for clients to undergo mediation, arbitration, or round table negotiations rather than taking a case directly to court. However, when it comes to court proceedings we have an exceptional team to support your claim and when required, will instruct the most suitable Counsel for your case.

Landlord and Tenant disputes

Our expert property litigation team in Surrey will assess the risks and rewards of pursuing a claim in a Landlord and Tenant dispute before explaining the options available to you. We provide legal services to commercial landlords and tenants, as well as residential landlords and tenants.

We can advise commercial landlords and tenants on issues including:

  • Early termination of a lease
  • Business tenancy renewals (proceedings under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954)
  • Business lease repair and dilapidation claims
  • Advice regarding the discharge and modification of freehold and leasehold restrictive covenants
  • Rent reviews
  • Break notices
  • Breach of covenant
  • and much more.

We can assist residential landlords and tenants in long and short leasehold disputes, including:

  • Possession claims (including bailiff evictions, Housing Act 1988 section 8 possession proceedings, and section 21 notices)
  • Rent arrears claims
  • Breaches of covenant, forfeiture, and enforcement
  • Disrepair
  • Right to manage
  • Lease services, including interpretation and variation
  • Residential tenancy deposit disputes
  • and more.

We have extensive experience in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants. In many cases, it will be possible to resolve disputes through mediation and negotiation, and in each instance we will provide civil litigation advice based on the necessity and viability of such action.

Please note, we are unable to assist in social housing matters.

Contract disputes in Surrey

When one party does not comply with the terms of a contract or fulfil their obligations according to a contract, this may give rise to a breach of contract claim.

Common remedies for breach of contract include compensation, a specific performance court order, or repudiation (i.e. the act of restoring the injured party to the position they would have been in if the breach had not occurred).

Our team of dispute resolution solicitors in Surrey has experience dealing with a wide range of contractual disputes and are committed to taking a commercial approach when looking at the options for our clients. We focus on the most cost-effective methods for resolution and, in most cases, only litigate through the courts as a final recourse.

Our team of contractual dispute experts in Surrey has experience in dealing with a wide range of case types, including:

  • Agency, distribution, and franchise agreements
  • Business law disputes
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Cross border disputes
  • Sale and supply of goods and services
  • Exclusion and limitation clauses
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Misrepresentation claims
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Property disputes
  • Retention of title clauses
  • Warranty and indemnity claims

Company and shareholder disputes

When shareholders and directors undergo a dispute, it has the potential to derail decision-making processes and hinder the running of a business.

Wellers Hedleys’ dispute resolution and civil litigation team in Surrey advise businesses and shareholders on a wide range of matters including:

  • Derivative claims
  • Winding up petitions
  • Breach of shareholder agreements
  • Fraud actions
  • Restrictive covenant and injunctive proceedings
  • and more.

A well-drafted Shareholders’ Agreement can minimise the potential for disputes and we can work with our Company/Commercial team to assist in this area.

We have the expertise to assess the situation relating to a company or shareholder dispute and provide a clear, pragmatic explanation of the options available, including the potential risks and rewards of any civil litigation action.

Litigation Solicitors in Great Bookham, Surrey

Craig Batko qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and offers a wide range of litigation services. He was a partner in his previous firm and decided to join Wellers Hedleys in 2018.

Craig has a particular specialism in disputes concerning land and property both residential and commercial and has worked with clients in property matters across Bookham, Leatherhead and further afield throughout Surrey and the wider area.

He is an expert in landlord and tenant issues, business tenancy renewals, dilapidation claims, ownership and boundary disputes, trespass, rights of way and easements. Craig also has a deep knowledge of trust litigation, especially in relation to Trusts of Land and also the TOLATA rules that govern interests in property.

Craig also handles a range of consumer rights claims, largely under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Carol Edridge

Carol Edridge

Our litigation team is supported by Carol Edridge who will always ensure continuity throughout the course of your instruction.

Dispute resolution solicitors in Surrey

If you have a concern about a contract, or perhaps you believe you have sustained loss as a result of professional negligence, the dispute resolution solicitors at Wellers Hedleys in Surrey can help.

If you have some form of property-related legal issue or wish to uphold your full rights in relation to debt recovery or insolvency, our specialist solicitors in Surrey can help – get in touch today.

To contact Craig please call 01372 750102 or email.