Family Lawyers in Surrey

At Wellers Hedleys we can help you with advice on all aspects of family law to include:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Children matters including who they live with and the time they spend with each parent/other family residence and access
  • Financial settlements
  • Domestic abuse
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial –agreements
  • Relationship breakdown of unmarried partners

For further information on family law matters please go to the main Wellers Law Group site.

Specialist family law services across Surrey

At Wellers Hedleys we always aim for an amicable and collaborative approach to family matters, supporting clients across the whole process, whatever their specific need. Of course, not all matters can be agreed amicably and where that isn’t possible we will fight vigorously on your behalf in law and ensure that your point of view is made and understood.

Our team pride themselves on being approachable, contactable and receive much of their work through referrals from past clients. Our objective is to complete family law matters as expediently and straightforwardly as possible to minimise stress and keep the process cost-effective. Whenever possible, we will provide a quote for our services, so you understand the likely costs, before work starts on your case and you will be kept updated throughout if there is likely to be any change.

Fixed fee package

We also offer a fixed fee divorce package for just £750 plus VAT and court fees which covers the essential elements of the divorce process and to which you can add extra support if required. Please call Laura Goode on 020 8290 7992 to to find out if that would be a suitable option for you.

Our Family Law department works as part of a team of property, private client and litigation solicitors at Wellers Hedleys who can help you with home sales and purchases, rewriting your Will and wider dispute resolution issues that you might need.

We also have a range of guides available which may be of value to you:

  • Divorce Guide
  • Children at Divorce Guide
  • Finances at Divorce Guide
  • Guide for unmarried couples
  • Wills and divorce

To Download one of our free guides, please visit our Free Guides page.

No-Fault Divorce in England and Wales

On 6 April 2022, the divorce process changed. New legislation introduced a system of ‘no-fault divorce’ and removed the need for spouses to apportion blame if they wish to end their marriage or civil partnership.

The new divorce process in England and Wales enables one or both spouses to submit a statement of ‘irretrievable breakdown’ to the court when they apply for a divorce or dissolution – there is no longer a requirement to prove one of the ‘five facts’ (grounds for divorce). This means there is no need to show evidence of bad behaviour or spend a period of time living apart.

There is no longer a route for one party to contest the divorce and the terminology used has been updated to make the language of divorce easier to understand.

Contact Wellers Hedleys to find out more about No Fault Divorce.

Family law solicitors serving all of Surrey

From our Butler House and Bookham offices, Wellers Hedleys is able to offer legal advice on family law to clients across Surrey. We pride ourselves on an open and friendly approach and are available to meet you in person so that we can listen to your concerns and help you determine your best course of action. Please email to get in touch or call us on 01372 750100.

We always aim to live by our motto of being a ‘legal practice with a personal touch’. Contact us today.


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