Wellers Law Group works with many faith-based organisations across the globe. We believe that we have a particularly keen understanding of the support such organisations require, having a Christian heritage of our own and having to address the issues and opportunities that come with that.

Our work with faith-based charities has led us to develop particular expertise in some of the key sectors in which they operate such as health, education and overseas development. The Wellers charity law team understands the difficulties that face managers and trustees of charities in these areas and also the challenges of operating in developing nations where the environment can often be unpredictable and lack infrastructure.

Whether you are UK based or an overseas charity, we have the ability to find practical solutions and actionable plans across a range of support services from the initial charity formation through compliance with the many aspects of charity law, restructuring, amalgamations, takeovers and the creation of commercial businesses and investment opportunities that can be used to help you realise the faith-based outcomes you are seeking.

Our Charity Law team are ready to help, please call our London City office on 0203 831 2666 or email enquiries@wellerslawgroup.com