Immigration services for companies:

Immigration can be daunting, especially for individuals and their families. At Wellers, we have the expertise to support with visas and compliance issues quickly and reliably. Our professionals offer timely and straightforward advice on a wide range of complex immigration and mobility issues.

Whether you are looking for support in setting up a company to sponsor workers, or guidance on managing the right to work for employees in one or more jurisdictions, we would love to chat with you. To learn more, reach out to one of our team members.


Our immigration services at a glance:

Employer and HR services

We work alongside companies to manage every aspect of the process of assuring a compliant and lawful workforce. We can assist with:

  • Supporting with visa applications.
  • Policy and procedure documents for right to work and visa compliance.
  • Reliable advice on business travel, right to work process and law, visa options and visa compliance.


UK business expansion

We are the first point of contact for any companies looking to set up a UK office. We can assist with:

  • Sponsor licences to employ sponsored workers in visa categories such as Skilled Worker and Global Business Mobility.
  • Visas for workers for the UK company and their family members.
  • The full range of legal services a company needs to operate as a UK company.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs

Our experienced team can see the potential in exceptional individuals and innovative ideas. We advise on visas for:

  • Exceptionally talented professionals in the arts, sciences and tech sectors.
  • Small businesses in the UK with owners requiring a visa.
  • Early-stage entrepreneurs starting up and scaling up businesses.


Let’s connect

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your immigration needs.

The Wellers Immigration Team is led by our Head of Immigration, Oliver O’Sullivan. Get in touch with Oliver via email at or call him on 020 7481 6381

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