Commercial Property Solicitors for Property Fraud Claims

If you have any concerns about possible commercial property fraud, the property litigation solicitors at Wellers Law Group can advise you on your position, your rights and your options.

We understand just how devastating property fraud can be; particularly if you have worked hard to promote and build a business only to lose cash and security as a result of fraudulent and criminal activity.

We have offices in London and the South of England but can serve clients from across the United Kingdom, as well as international clients who have commercial property interests in the UK but who live abroad.

Property investment fraud

If you have been persuaded to invest in a commercial property or property development on the promise of high returns but have been left with little more than a series of broken promises – for example, the property has not been built or you have constantly been put-off without sufficient explanation – it is possible that you have been the victim of a scam. We can help you seek redress.

We can also help in cases of so-called “land banking”. This is a type of scam in which an investor is assured that a particular piece of land has high investment and development potential when in fact it does not exist or is legally unsuitable for development.

The litigation solicitors at Wellers Law Group have the experience and dedication to help you in your quest for answers, including the recovery of any money you have lost. If you would like to consider the possibility of beginning legal proceedings to receive settlement, contact us today.

Identity fraud

If you have unwittingly purchased a property from a party who does not have the legal right to sell it, we can help you take stock of your situation in order to determine your best course of action in seeking redress.

Similarly, if you are the rightful owner of a property and have lost out as a result of the Land Registry enacting a fraudulent sale without your knowledge, we can help you take steps to recover your losses and enforce your legal rights.

Mortgage fraud

Although having a mortgage may reduce the risk of some kinds of fraud, commercial property owners who have a mortgage on their property may be at risk of other kinds of fraud. This is because fraudsters may be able to use the mortgage as a way to fraudulently obtain money through fragilities in lending and conveyancing systems. Examples of this type of fraud include the following:

  • Incorrect property valuation
  • Loan fraud
  • Identity fraud

Solicitors for commercial property fraud

The commercial property solicitors at Wellers Law Group bring legal expertise, authority and knowledge to the full spectrum of commercial property matters, including those related to potential or actual property fraud.

We pride ourselves on an efficient and effective service that keeps the client informed throughout. We are also committed to transparency on pricing.

Whether you require advice in relation to property development fraud, identity fraud, mortgage fraud, or some other form of commercial property fraud, we can help you meet your objectives.

Please call us today on 020 7481 2422 to arrange an informal discussion with a solicitor. Alternatively, email so that we can help you achieve the outcome you desire.