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Professional Executors – Good or Bad?

At a time of grief, it can be an advantage to have a professional on hand to help you sort out probate, and in many cases a solicitor or accountant who understands the family situation and finances can be a significant benefit. However some banks have been charging rather steep fees and the practice of […]

Employment Restrictive Covenants – key things to know for employers and employees

Restrictive covenants in employment contracts are crucial tools for protecting a business’s sensitive information and maintaining a competitive edge. Well drafted covenants may prevent employees, certainly in the short term, from damaging the employer after departure, by working for competitors, soliciting clients, or disclosing confidential information.  An over the top approach from the employer will […]

International legal connections

Wellers has long established relationships with specific law firms in America, The Far East and Australia with whom we regularly work on client matters. Each of these network partners shares our ethos and commitment to service and are well regarded in their own jurisdiction. In an increasingly globalised market our clients are seeking speedy access to […]

Charity investment – guidance for trustees

The recent case of Butler-Sloss & ors v Charity Commission [2022] EWHC 974 (Ch) (“Butler-Sloss Case”) provided welcomed clarity around the investment practices of charities. In this article we provide a summary of the case and outline the key takeaways. Case summary The Butler-Sloss Case was brought by the trustees of two charities which form part of […]

Potential Problems of BOMAD Lending

Parents want their children to be able to enjoy the security of home ownership and, generally, they want to offer support in any way they can. However, the legal technicalities and potential pitfalls of BOMAD lending for any outcome should not be overlooked. Some families might feel that it is unnecessarily formal to seek legal […]

Options for funding litigation

At Wellers we understand that cost is a significant concern when employing a solicitor, particularly where litigation is concerned and we offer a range of funding options for resolving commercial disputes. It is true that litigation can be expensive, however there is a range of ways to fund a dispute that could avoid the risk […]

Discretionary will trusts – tax overview and issues

A discretionary trust is the most flexible form of trust as it enables the Trustees to use and distribute the income and capital of the trust entirely at their discretion. They have the power to either retain or distribute income as they see fit. Inheritance Tax position for Discretionary Will Trusts If an individual leaves […]

Duties and potential liabilities of executors

During our lifetimes many of us will find ourselves dealing with the affairs of someone who has died. Most often this will be a parent, but those with particular financial skills may find themselves being asked by a wider set of family and close friends. A person’s estate is made up of the assets, property […]

What is intestacy and how does it work?

I don’t really need a Will as my spouse will get everything when I die. Think again. If you die without a Will your estate is subject to the rules of intestacy. It is a common misconception that these rules will be logical and straightforward. Logical in this case meaning that the estate passes to […]