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At Wellers, we provide legal advice for commercial claimants who have been mis-advised on commercial investments and/or financial services products such as company pension schemes, interest rate hedging products (SWAPS), foreign exchange manipulation, fixed rate loans, and any capital investment product.


Success is about details

Your claim might be against banks, insurers, pension scheme providers, lenders, financial advisers or investment managers.

If you have invested in or bought a financial services product and believe that you were not properly advised and this has led to financial loss or damage to your business, then you may potentially have a claim against the adviser, financial institution or seller for the recovery of these losses. You can also make a claim if the product was not suitable for your needs or that of your business.

Mis-selling Explained

Banks, financial advisers and other regulated professionals have a duty to provide commercial clients, with products and services that are suitable for their needs and to explain the risks fully. Any communication they have with you regarding a service, product or investment must be fair, clear and not misleading.

This means that any promotion of a product must carry appropriate risk warnings and these must be given sufficient prominence in any communication (written or verbal). Any claims made about the product in the communication must be legitimate and able to be substantiated.

All terms and conditions must be explained clearly and fully, and financial advisers are obliged to tell you if they are receiving commission or a fee for the sale of a product.

You won’t be able to make a claim for financial mis-selling just because an investment performed poorly and you lost money. Most investments and financial products carry some level of risk and if these risks were explained at the outset, then the financial services provider is likely to have done their job fairly and correctly.

However, if you were sold a product which did not meet your needs or was not suitable for your commercial circumstances, even if all the risks were explained you may still have the right to make a claim against the relevant bank or financial institution.

What We Do

We are able to advise on your eligibility to bring a claim to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) redress scheme.

Claims for mis-selling are subject to strict time limits and you should therefore seek advice as soon as possible in order to avoid being time-barred from bringing a claim.

We have excellent contacts with experts in the field, including accountants, barristers, and litigation funders to assess the merits of your claim at the outset and to advise on the availability of funding if required.

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Our team of solicitors and expert litigators can help you if you have been mis-sold a financial services product or suffered professional negligence regarding financial services and your business has been adversely affected as a result.

We will help you establish your rights and explain clearly the most appropriate options for your situation. We have excellent contacts with experts in the field, including barristers and litigation funders, who can assess your claim and advise on the likelihood of success.

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