Businesses will often have disputes. That is part of commercial life. How a business deals with them, however, can often determine whether a business continues to thrive or withers and dies.

If not resolved quickly, these can have an immediate and detrimental impact upon profit and cash flow and will often require the business to redirect important resources to address the problem. Directors and senior management may need to focus their attentions on the dispute, often neglecting the company’s core business.

Having trusted legal advisers on hand is important.

Practical commercial legal advice

The Wellers Law Group commercial litigation and dispute resolution team have considerable experience acting for businesses [in London, Kent and Surrey] upon a full range of business disputes.  We provide practical advice so you can quickly understand your legal position and the options available to you.

Our advice and approach will depend on the individual dispute. We do not believe there is a ‘one glove fits all’ solution to dispute resolution: we may advise we write a robust letter of claim followed by litigation in certain circumstances, but in others, we may recommend attempting a resolution via Alternative Dispute Resolution via Mediation or otherwise.  We will identify your objective and advise the best strategy to endeavour to achieve this.

We regularly advise and represent businesses on

Jonathan Tyler is Head of Litigation at Wellers Reece-Jones and has vast experience working in most areas of commercial litigation particularly involving property. As a partner for nearly 20 years at a London West End Legal 500 firm, he brings a wealth of litigation and dispute resolution experience to Wellers Reece-Jones.

He acts for many types of businesses, from small and niche SMEs  to large and international PLCs, and everything in between.

He values his clients and their loyalty, takes time to understand their needs and makes no assumptions about their objectives. He recognises the importance of practical and commercial advice and providing cost-effective solutions.

Jonathan and his team take a client-focused and pragmatic approach to their legal advice and place great importance on understanding when to litigate and when to look to resolve the dispute another way. So whilst they are always ready take a robust approach at the right time, they also recognise that sometimes Alternative Dispute Resolution can be more productive.

To discuss a commercial business dispute, please call Jonathan Tyler on on 01732 457575 or at