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From drafting Wills and creating lasting powers of attorney to administering estates, from setting up a Will trust to matters involving intestacy and complex probate, Wellers Reece-Jones assists clients in Sevenoaks and across Kent, including Tunbridge Wells, Ightham, Westerham, Hildenborough, Knockholt, Ide Hill, Tonbridge and Otford.

The Wills, lasting powers of attorney, and probate team in Sevenoaks is headed by Sally Andrews and is characterised by its client-focused service.

Sally prides herself on being unflappable and approachable. She will handle your matter with sensitivity and kindness, but also with the utmost pragmatism, tenacity and skill. Whether you are drafting a Will, or setting up a lasting power of attorney, Sally’s expertise will bring certainty, accuracy and proficiency to what can otherwise be dispiriting and sometimes baffling tasks.

Sally and her team understand how hard it can be to handle all the legal matters associated with bereavement and she bases her service on removing much of the burden for clients, while also being available to explain everything so that clients understand the process and their anxieties are alleviated.

Annelise Tyler is a Chartered Legal Executive who is qualified to advise across Private Client services, including Wills, Powers of Attorney, estate planning and  administration. She also advises on litigation matters, including contentious  probate and Inheritance Act claims.






Sally is supported by Loraine Hayes who ensures continuity of service at all times during each client’s matter.

Will writing solicitors in Kent

Writing a Will should be a priority for everyone. In today’s society which extols property ownership, investment portfolios, and private pension savings as the norm, and with the increase in blended and step-families, drafting a suitable Will is crucial. And any Last Will and Testament needs to be created accurately and correctly so as to mitigate potential for dispute.

There are many different types of Will and each can help the testator ensure their wishes are carried out on death. You may wish to protect assets for children or make sure your spouse is looked after. Sally will take the time to listen to your requirements and help you create the most appropriate Will for your needs.

Will trusts

Trusts allow one person, or a collection of individuals (trustees), to manage money or assets for the benefit of another person or persons (the beneficiaries). Wellers Reece-Jones has extensive experience and knowledge of setting up trusts and effectively assisting trustees in serving the interests of beneficiaries.

To find out more about drafting a Will or creating a Will trust please click here.

You can download our useful Wills brochure by clicking on the link below.

Wills Brochure


Lasting power of attorney solicitors across Kent

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) provides the ability to appoint a trusted associate to be a representative or ‘attorney’ in the event you lose mental capacity or simply wish to pass on certain aspects of your decision-making to another party.

Depending on the type of LPA chosen, an attorney can make decisions regarding health and welfare, and/or finances and property.

Establishing an LPA is a mature, prudent and pragmatic decision. It ensures that your future finances and welfare remain under your control instead of being decided by the court, ensuring that your wishes will be upheld in your lifetime.

Wellers Reece-Jones can help you in all matters relating to LPAs, including registration with the Office of the Public Guardian and establishing LPAs for business interests.

We can also assist with deputyship applications to the Court of Protection in the difficult event that someone close to you has lost capacity without having first established an LPA.

For more information on lasting powers of attorney, when they are suitable and your duties as an attorney, click here .

Bereavement solicitors in Sevenoaks

The passing of a family member or loved one will almost always be traumatic. Sally and her team offer invaluable support, guidance and legal advice throughout the bereavement and probate process.

Sally understands that the sudden death of a family member, partner or spouse can be particularly difficult, especially if they have not created a Will (intestacy) or, perhaps, they were the person in the relationship who looked after the family finances.

As an experienced bereavement solicitor, Sally can guide you through the relevant steps and assist you in ensuring all financial and legal matters are taken care of.

Estate administration and probate services across Kent

The proper handling of an estate following a death can be an onerous task. We can help to lighten the bureaucratic load for executors while also ensuring that everything is carried out legally and respectfully.

From making the application to the probate registry or seeking letters of administration (in the case of intestacy) to distribution of the estate to beneficiaries, Sally and her team can be by your side to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Necessary tasks in estate administration may include the correct sale and transfer of assets, ensuring HM Revenue & Customs compliance in respect of Inheritance Tax, settling of liabilities, deeds of variation and effective management of estate accounts.

Sometimes it is necessary to reallocate assets, including property, that has been left to a beneficiary under a Will following the death of the testator. This is done by Deed of Variation – legal advice is essential in this circumstance.

Sally has a wealth of experience in acting for complex entities, such as ‘non-doms’ and those with significant business interests across multiple jurisdictions, involving capital gains tax and deceased joint proprietor issues.

For more information on how Wellers Reece Jones solicitors in Sevenoaks can help, please click through to our probate and estate administration page.

Contentious Probate

Has a loved one or family member recently passed away leaving a will which you think is invalid, or a will with mistakes? Are you concerned that the will may have been signed under pressure or that your loved one did not have mental capacity? Are you concerned about how the person administering the will is managing the estate, or maybe even concerned that the lawyer who prepared the will has been negligent?

If any of these situations apply to you and you wish to challenge a Will Jonathan Tyler in our litigation department can help.

Backed by high levels of legal experience across the firm

The Wills and probate team at Wellers Reece-Jones in Sevenoaks is backed by a team of experienced legal professionals covering a wide range of expertise, so we are able to draw on the services of specialist solicitors in different fields should the need arise.

Our property, family law and litigation teams can assist with all manner of issues relating to Wills, probate and LPAs. This can be particularly helpful in matters relating to transfers of property, setting up of lifetime trusts, Will disputes and contested probate matters.

And, as we are part of the wider Weller’s Law Group, we are supported by specialists across London and the South who have a wealth of experience in commercial and private matters covering an extensive spectrum of legal situations.

Wellers Reece-Jones Solicitors in Kent

The Wellers-Reece Jones partnership is highly regarded for its expertise in Wills, trusts, probate and estate administration work. You can download our useful Wills brochure by clicking on the link below.

We are among the leading solicitors in Kent working in this area of the law and marry a sensitive and personalised approach with attention to detail and dedication that is second-to-none. Contact us our Sevenoaks office today on 01732 466362 or email annelise.tyler@wellerslawgroup.com or sally.andrews@wellerslawgroup.com 

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