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Wellers Reece-Jones in Sevenoaks is able to provide advice on all aspects of family law.

The Wellers Reece-Jones family law service in Sevenoaks, Kent specialises in all matters relating to divorce, separation, financial settlements, child law, cohabitation and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Our service is marked by an approachable and authoritative manner which marries a pragmatic outlook with sensitive and personalised assistance. Serving Westerham, Tatsfield, Biggin Hill and Edenbridge in Kent, and also Oxted and surrounding areas in Surrey, our office in Sevenoaks provides a central, accessible hub for your family law enquiries.

We understand just how critical it is for clients to feel ‘in the loop’ when they are seeking to resolve or clarify important family law matters and this is why we place an emphasis on open and transparent communication. We underpin this with lots of plain-English information about the important issues – with Wellers-Reece Jones, you are never left feeling in the dark.

This is why we have published a range of guides to assist you. They are free to download and can help you shed light on many of the most common family law matters. To begin reading the guides, click on the download buttons below.


A Guide to the Process of Divorce

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What exactly is the law as it relates to divorce in the UK? What are your options, how much will it cost and how long is the divorce process likely to take? In our Guide to the Process of Divorce, we answer all these questions and more, laying out UK divorce law and its procedures, so that you can embark upon your legal journey with confidence. To begin the process of educating yourself, click through to read the PDF.


A Guide to Finances and Property on Divorce

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Our Guide to Finances and Property on Divorce explores the general principles, procedures and approach to the division of assets, income, and property on divorce. We take an in-depth look at the complex issues of pension sharing, spousal maintenance and child maintenance as well as examining the alternatives to court, including mediation, family arbitration and collaborative law. Click through to download the PDF.


A Guide to Children Matters on Separation

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Ending a relationship can be complex and traumatic even without the involvement of children. However, when children are involved in divorce and separation, their needs must be considered as paramount. In our Guide to Children Matters on Separation, we shed light on why courts will only intervene in disputes in which parents cannot find a path to consensus. We also explain the many alternatives to court as well as the breakdown and rationales of Child Arrangements Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, Specific Issue Orders, Parenting Orders and more. Download the guide here.


A Guide for Unmarried Couples

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Cohabiting families are the fastest growing family type in the UK, however, cohabiting partners are, as yet, not protected in law in the same way that married spouses are. In our Guide for Unmarried Couples we look at all the important family law issues affecting cohabiting couples, including property arrangements, financial provision for children, Wills and death, cohabitation agreements and what the future may hold for this developing area of the law. Read the PDF here.


A Guide to Wills on Divorce

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Divorce is never easy, but it can be particularly difficult when you also have to think about death, Wills and inheritance at the same time as you are experiencing the process of formally ending a relationship. In our Guide to Wills on Divorce we take a look at the law, current practice and how it may affect you and your family. Download the PDF here.

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Wellers Reece-Jones in Sevenoaks serves family law clients across Kent and into Surrey. Whatever your needs, if you are looking for legal advice and representation in relation to divorce, separation, child matters or any other family law issue, we can help you ensure that your interests are upheld as amicably and fully as possible.

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