Within the Wellers group we have a specialist taxation and trust division, Wellers Wealth. Many of our corporate clients use these services to address both tax issues within their business and how they can optimise their own personal tax situation.

Wellers Wealth works with many clients who own and run their own businesses. Naturally, this additional dimension brings increased complexity when it comes to tax planning and we offer a range of services to help you from establishing a business to letting it go, tax-efficiently.

Tax reliefs and tax mitigation

We are able to advise on your options to mitigate tax and make full use of any reliefs you have including:

  • Entrepreneurs’ Relief.
  • Investors’ Relief.
  • Incorporation Relief.
  • The optimum arrangement for taking income.
  • Structuring business assets

Business Property Relief allows business owners to reduce potential Inheritance Tax charges to 0% on their business. Working with your existing advisers we are able to advise on how to structure your business to meet the requirements to qualify. Our Business Property Relief Will can ensure that your family has access to the full value of your business after you have gone.

Exiting your business and succession planning

If you are planning to sell your business, our team of tax and commercial solicitors will be able to help you build an exit plan and structure your business to help you achieve the right market price and the optimum amount you receive after tax. Please read our introductory guide on How to prepare your business for sale written by Parmjit Bhogal of Wellers and Nick Wallis of accountants, Gerald Edelman.

Alternatively, with a family business, you may be looking for assistance with succession planning. In this case, you will want to ensure the structure, new ownership and management is properly documented. The Wellers Wealth team will be able to take you through this process to provide peace of mind that the business is set up to succeed after you are less involved.

Ingrid McCleave – Taxation and Trust Law

Ingrid heads up Wellers Wealth, our specialist taxation and trust division. Ingrid has a background as a tax barrister and an experienced private client solicitor.    Her knowledge encompasses both business and personal taxes. Specifically she is able to help owner managers and directors structure their assets to ensure tax-efficient income and succession planning for your business.

To contact Ingrid please call 0203 9098 576 or email ingrid.mccleave@wellerslawgroup.com