Experienced family law solicitors in Sevenoaks, Kent

The Wellers Reece Jones office in Sevenoaks offers access to a wide range of family law services. Our family team in Kent includes a number of highly experienced lawyers, including Laura Goode and Lorraine Toal, a trained Collaborative Lawyer and head of our family department.

Both Laura and Lorraine pride themselves on being approachable, contactable and receive much of their work through referrals from past clients. Our objective is to complete family law matters as expediently and straightforwardly as possible to minimise stress and keep the process cost-effective. Whenever possible, we will provide a quote for our services, so you understand the likely costs, before she starts work on your case and she will keep you updated throughout if there is likely to be any change.

Fixed fee package

We also offer a fixed fee divorce package for just £750 plus VAT and court fees which covers the essential elements of the divorce process and which you can add extra support if required. Please call Laura Goode on 020 8290 7992 to to find out if that would be a suitable option for you.

We can help with you with any of the following aspects of family law:

Divorce, separation and dissolution

The divorce and family law service at Wellers Reece-Jones in Sevenoaks can assist you with all matters relating to relationship breakdown, including:

  • Divorce and civil partnership dissolution
  • Separation agreements
  • Arrangements for children
  • Financial settlements

Our divorce solicitor, will explain every stage of your matter to make sure you understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of divorce and separation. We want you to have complete confidence in how everything will progress and the likely outcomes, including transparency about the costs involved.

No-Fault Divorce in England and Wales

On 6 April 2022, the divorce process changed. New legislation introduced a system of ‘no-fault divorce’ and removed the need for spouses to apportion blame when they wish to end their marriage or civil partnership.

The new divorce process in England and Wales enables one or both spouses to submit a statement of ‘irretrievable breakdown’ to the court when they apply for a divorce or dissolution – there is no longer a requirement to prove one of the ‘five facts’ (grounds for divorce). This means there is no need to show evidence of bad behaviour or spend a period of time living apart.

There is no longer a route for one party to contest the divorce and the terminology used has been updated to make the language of divorce easier to understand.

Find out more on our No Fault Divorce page.

Child legal matters

The interests of children are paramount in all family law matters, and this is never truer than during a divorce or separation.

We can provide clear guidance on various children matters in order to reduce the scope for unnecessary and damaging conflict. These include:

  • Parental responsibility and child arrangements
  • Parenting agreements
  • Seeking specific issues orders through the court – for example, in respect of matters relating to health and education.

Financial settlements and property matters

Financial settlements following divorce or civil partnership dissolution can be particularly complex especially if there are property, pensions, investment portfolios, international assets or business interests to consider.

Your circumstances will dictate the type of settlement you will need and our family law solicitors can act on your behalf in seeking the most appropriate course of action. Financial orders are granted by the Court and we always endeavour to pursue all processes in as timely manner and as pragmatically as possible.

In financial matters on divorce, it is necessary to seek the most appropriate outcome at the time of settlement as it may be difficult to change any court order further down the line. We will advise you in relation to your personal circumstances so that she may seek the best outcomes possible for you and your family.

Property claims for co-habiting couples

The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (ToLATA) helps courts to work out each party’s interest in land or property. This is of particular relevance during the break up of an unmarried couple and we can assist in such matters.

A ToLATA claim can be useful in relation to a number of issues. A court will be able to make orders relating to: determination of the shares of property owned by each party, the forced sale of a property, regaining access to a property if one party refuses to leave, and the recovery of financial interest in a property by third parties, for example parents and grandparents following a Bank of Mum and Dad (BoMaD) transaction.

Prenuptial agreements

If you are planning to get married, we can advise you on setting up a pre-nuptial agreement (or prenup). A prenup sets out what you wish to happen to finances and property including investments, debts, property and pensions should the relationship end.

It is important that you and your fiancé seek legal advice separately and with plenty of time to spare before the wedding day. Although not legally binding in English and Welsh courts, correctly drafted prenuptial agreements can help a court understand the intentions of the couple.

Cohabitation agreements

A cohabitation agreement can be drawn up if you are preparing to move in with a partner in order to begin living together. They are particularly useful if you decide to purchase property as a couple, or if you have children together.

A cohabitation agreement can set out arrangements for finances property and children if the relationship breaks down and in the event of illness or if one partner dies.

Separation agreements

Should you decide that your relationship has broken down irretrievably, we can help you draft a separation agreement. This can be appropriate for unmarried couples who wish to clarify matters in relation to children and financial arrangements.

If you are married, but not yet ready to divorce, a separation agreement can help you quickly and amicably clarify matters to help you move on.

Family law backed by broad legal expertise

The family law service provided by Wellers Reece-Jones draws on the broad expertise of the wider firm including expert solicitors across various legal disciplines.

We can assist family law clients with pertinent aspects of Wills, inheritance planning, conveyancing, and property law to ensure that all important legal needs are met under one roof during divorce and separation

The Wellers Law Group family law team has produced a range of free guides:

  • Divorce Guide
  • Children in Divorce Guide
  • Finances on Divorce Guide
  • Guide for Unmarried couples
  • Wills and Divorce

You can download the guides by visiting our Free Guides page.

Family law and divorce solicitors in Kent

We deal with the important legal issues affecting couples and their children in a calm, focused and non-contentious way. We seek to deal with matters without recourse to the courts whenever possible.

If you live in Sevenoaks, Westerham, Tatsfield, Biggin Hill, Edenbridge or any other area of Kent, contact us today so that we may understand your circumstances and assist you with your next steps.

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