When a business instructs a professional it has a reasonable expectation that it will provide its services with proper skill and care. If a professional, like a solicitor, surveyor, architect or accountant, fails to provide the requisite level of service, then they will likely be in breach of their duty of care and liable to their client for compensation.

The law and procedure relating to professional negligence claims can be complex. There are issues of contract and negligence to consider and duties differ from professional to professional. However, the most common ‘battle ground’ in professional negligence litigation is ‘causation’, in other words whether the professional’s negligence actually caused the loss suffered. It may be that this would have occurred anyway.

So breach of duty, causation and loss must be considered very carefully. Our professional negligence solicitors have both the expertise and experience in examining these issues at the outset so that they can provide our clients with prompt advice on the merits of any professional negligence claim and their legal rights and remedies.

Wellers advise and represent businesses in bringing and defending professional negligence claims. We take a pragmatic and commercial approach to that advice and appreciate that resolution outside litigation may be preferred not least to preserve business relationship. Often, with prompt legal advice, a professional negligence claim can be resolved quickly, enabling the parties to get on with their day to day business.

Examples of Professional Negligence claims

  • Solicitors
    • Solicitor Litigation Negligence – a solicitor may have failed to bring court proceedings in time or failed to comply with other rules or practice directions, preventing their clients from pursuing or defending a claim;
    • Commercial Property Solicitor Negligence – a solicitor may have failed to advise fully or properly on planning restrictions, rights of way or access or spot title defects;
  • Surveyors may have failed to advise on structural defects or the true value of a property; or
  • Accountants may have failed to give the right advice about tax

Wellers act for clients in a full range of professional negligence claims including:

  • Accountants;
  • Architects
  • Barristers
  • Builders
  • Construction Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Financial Advisers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Planning |Consultants
  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors
  • Valuers

Why Wellers Reece-Jones?

Our Professional Negligence team has extensive experience in acting for clients who have suffered financial loss as a result of negligent advice or representation from a variety of professionals and for such professionals in defending professional negligence claims.

If you think a professional was negligent and your financial loss exceeds £10,000, or you are a professional and are faced with a potential claim, call Jonathan Tyler in our Sevenoaks office on 01732 457575 or email jonathan.tyler@wellerslawgroup.com.