Solicitors for race discrimination claims

We offer comprehensive legal representation for individuals who have faced race discrimination under English Law.

What is Race Discrimination?

The Equality Act 2010 protects employees from unfair treatment based on race, including color, nationality, and ethnic or national origin. Race discrimination can manifest in various ways, including:

  • Direct Discrimination: Being treated less favourably because of your race (for example being overlooked for promotion opportunities or offered lower pay compared to colleagues).
  • Indirect Discrimination: Workplace policies seemingly neutral but disproportionately disadvantage a particular race (e.g., requiring English language fluency when not essential for the job role).
  • Racial Harassment: Unwanted conduct related to race that creates a hostile or intimidating environment (e.g., racial slurs, jokes, or offensive stereotypes).
  • Victimisation: Experiencing negative treatment after complaining about racial discrimination or supporting a colleague’s claim.

Our Approach to Race Discrimination Claims

We understand the sensitive nature of race discrimination cases and provide tailored support throughout the process:

  • Understanding Your Rights: Our initial consultation clarifies the legal landscape and explores potential avenues for claiming compensation.
  • Evidence Gathering and Case Building: We meticulously collect evidence, including witness statements, emails, and company policies, to build a strong case for you.
  • Employment Tribunal Representation: If needed, our experienced litigators will fight for a fair outcome in the Employment Tribunal.
  • Negotiation and tactics: We’ll use our experience to pressure the employer to consider an out of court settlement that reflects your losses and emotional distress.