If you require help with an employment matter, please contact us. You will not usually be charged for your initial phone call with a solicitor. We will listen to your workplace issue, identify what you want to achieve, and explain your options including costs.

If you have a Settlement Agreement on which you need our independent advice, we can often provide this for the amount payable by your employer or will advise you if this is not possible for any reason.

Set out below are the normal range of costs for an unfair and/or wrongful dismissal claim.  Should there be additional or alternative claims, such as for allegations of discrimination or detriment due to whistle blowing, this would take such claims outside the normal range and we would have to discuss the costs of such claims with you on an individual basis.  You should also check whether or not you might have legal expenses cover for any employment claim through existing insurance.  However, we do not offer either so-called “No Win, No Fee” arrangements or those where we would take a share of your damages instead of our usual fees.

Simple case: £5,000 to £8,000 (excluding VAT)

Medium complexity case: £8,000 to £15,000 (excluding VAT)

High complexity case: £15,000 to £30,000 (excluding VAT)

Factors that could make a case more complex include:

  • The number and range of allegations being claimed.
  • If you are alleging constructive unfair dismissal.
  • The level of support you need to include the length and number of emails from you, the number of telephone calls and how many times we meet with you.
  • Whether or not you are able to give us timely and full instructions without needing to be chased for information or documents
  • If it is necessary to make or defend applications to amend claims or to provide further information about any of the claims.
  • Making or defending a costs application.
  • Complex preliminary issues such as whether you have a disability (if this is not agreed by the parties).
  • The number of witnesses and documents.
  • If it is an automatic unfair dismissal claim eg if you are dismissed after blowing the whistle on your employer.
  • Allegations of discrimination which are linked to the dismissal.

There will be an additional charge for attending a Tribunal Hearing of £2,500 plus travel time per day (excluding VAT) if we are to attend.  Generally, we would allow 1-3 days for a simple case and 5-10 days for a highly complex case.

If your matter is not one which falls within a normal claim and the fees therefore set out above, due to additional or alternative claims or additional stages, we will discuss any further work required with you and provide you with revised advice about costs if necessary.  This would also apply to any work not before the Employment Tribunal such as any Appeal or any County Court proceedings.


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Court fees (although currently no Court fees are payable in the Employment Tribunal), Counsel’s fees and expert’s fees.   We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Counsel’s fees are normally estimated between £500 to £3,000 per day (excluding VAT) depending upon the experience of the barrister and are payable for attending a Tribunal Hearing (including some preparation).  We will discuss with you in advance the level of seniority of the barrister required to present your case and how much their fees will be before we instruct them.