Does your property suffer from damp and mould?

If you have had cavity wall insulation installed in your property and you are suffering from damp and mould on your walls an ceilings, it could be the cavity wall insulation which is causing this and you could be entitled to bring a claim

But I thought cavity wall insulation was a good thing?!

It can be, but only when the right type of insulation is installed properly into suitable properties. Some properties are just not suitable for cavity wall insulation at all. Other properties should only have certain types on insulation installed.

If insulation is installed of the wrong type or into an unsuitable property or it is simply not installed properly and in accordance with relevant guidelines, then it can cause problems. This may start with condensation and cold spots on the walls but can lead to mould and damage to the walls and structure. Some mould is potentially harmful to health and unless the problems are properly addressed, it will only get worse.

How we can help

Wellers have many years’ experience helping homeowners all over England and Wales bring claims for all types of property damage and have particular expertise in cavity wall damage claims.

We work closely with specialist surveyors to bring claims against the installation companies for

  • the costs of fixing the problems. This will often mean removing the insulation which can be expensive;
  • the costs of damp and mould damage to personal items, furniture, clothes and bedding;
  • the costs of trying to fix the problems, so buying dehumidifiers, anti-mould paint etc;
  • alternative accommodation costs if you need to move out whilst the repair works are being carried out; and
  • compensation for distress and inconvenience.

The total value of claims range from £10,000 to £100,000.

No Win, No fee

Because of our expertise, if we think you have a good claim, we can act for you in your claim under a Conditional Fee Agreement or ‘No, Win, No Fee’ Agreement. This means you don’t pay us unless you win and then we can recover our fees from the installation company as well. You just pay us a success fee from your compensation.

Don’t delay – there is a time limit if you wish to claim

If you think you might have a claim, call us now. Don’t delay as there is a time limit to file a claim, generally based on the date when you had the cavity wall insulation work done.

Call Jonathan Tyler on our claims line  020 3831 2667 or the office number 01732 457575 or email him at to find out whether you have a claim.