We place great faith and trust in our conveyancing solicitor and we expect them to do their job competently at all times. We don’t expect mistakes or errors. We expect to be fully advised on the transaction and for it to proceed smoothly to a completion.

However, sometime things do go wrong and a solicitor makes a mistake. Then, the effects can be devastating. Our professional negligence solicitors look to help you repair the damage caused by negligent advice, by claiming compensation to reflect the financial loss you have suffered. In conveyancing solicitor negligence claims, this can often be considerable.

The test as to whether your conveyancing solicitor was negligence is whether the mistake by the solicitor is one that no reasonably competent professional should have made in the circumstances and whether it has caused you financial loss.

Examples of conveyancing solicitor negligence

1. Failure to advise fully on planning restrictions;

2. Failure to consider whether the property has sufficient rights of way or property access;

3. Failure to check plans to ensure the whole property is included in the sale;

4. Failure to advise the buyer to check the boundary of the property;

5. Failure to spot a defect in the title or ownership of the property.

6. Failure to carry out appropriate searches and/or advise about the contents of those searches (for example, unadopted roads or major developments within the locality);

7. Failure to advise about the way the property will be held (joint tenants or tenants in common);

8. Failure to obtain trust deeds to reflect the agreement between the parties;

9. Failure to ensure that all charges have been paid off upon completion ;

10. Failure to protect the client from fraud and/or carry out sufficient anti-money laundering checks;

11. Failure to advise about possible STLT/tax saving initiatives;

12. Acting without authority or instructions or where there is a conflict of interests

Why us?

Our litigation team has extensive experience in acting for clients who have suffered financial loss as a result of poor and negligent advice or representation from solicitors or barristers. If you think your solicitor or barrister was negligent and your financial loss in excess of £5000, call Jonathan Tyler in our Sevenoaks office on 01732 457575 or email jonathan.tyler@wellerslawgroup.com.