How it works

Wellers Connect is a simple process and it’s very much like having a standard meeting with your solicitor. However, there are two differences which will allow us to do the work for you more efficiently:

  • There will be an extra stage to verify your identity. Normally, we would do this when you come to our offices, but in the present environment, the best way to verify who you are is through a video meeting.
  • We have also created a website version of our standard Will questionnaire that we usually send by post, so you can complete it online as well. This can speed things up for you when you have your appointment with a solicitor.

Wellers Connect Will writing steps

Step 1
We will send you your Will Pack through the post to ensure that you have everything you need to make the right decisions about your Will.
Step 2
Send us evidence of your identity (passport or driving licence, plus recent utility bill), so we know who you are. If using a driving licence please remember to scan/copy both sides of the card.
Step 3
You complete our online Will Questionnaire so that we have all the basic details and don’t waste your time with the Solicitor also collecting this information. That means you can use your appointment to explain in detail what you want us to do. You will be able to save your answers as you go along, so you don’t have to complete it all in one go.
Step 4
We conduct our appointment using video conferencing so that we are sure we are talking to the right person. Once we have gone through the identification process you can continue to instruct us through telephone conversations. We are able to use a variety of video meeting tools – FaceTime and WhatsApp are relatively easy for many people and we also find Zoom to be a good platform. However, the choice is very much yours and our solicitors will always try to fit in with your preference.
If you do not have access to any means of video conferencing we are able in certain circumstances to verify who you are if you are paying on a credit/debit card in your name,At this stage we will ask for payment for your Will or an amount on account.
Step 5
Your Solicitor will prepare your Will and send it to you by email or through the post for signature and witnessing. We know witnessing can be testing in the present environment but friends or neighbours should be considered. Please see further information on witnessing a Will.

 Get Started

To get your Will started, send us an enquiry form or simply call 020 8464 4242 and we will arrange an appointment for you to talk to a solicitor by phone or video conferencing to give us your instructions.