If you are considering applying for indefinite leave to remain, contact our immigration team based in Bromley to book an affordable and totally confidential fixed fee consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer. The consultation will cost just £100 + VAT and if you decide to instruct Wellers to work with you then we will waive that fee.

Indefinite leave to remain is a way of settling in the UK permanently. There are several ways to achieve this, After living in the UK with valid leave for 10 years, you are entitled to apply for ILR. You can also apply for ILR after living in the UK as a spouse of a British national for five years.

Following a grant of leave as a tier 2 permit holder for five years, you may also be entitled to apply for ILR. Any child born to you whilst you remain settled can be registered as a British citizen at birth.

All of the different routes require you to meet the immigration rules and provide proof that you have no criminal record which makes your presence not conducive to the public.

To be apply for apply for ILR or settlement, you must first of all be residence in the UK with continuous leave, with a partner, have ancestry ties or be sponsored by an employer.

You will be required to demonstrate your proficiency in English language as well as to take and pass the life in the UK test if you are between the ages of 18 and 65.

Once you have been granted ILR or settlement status, you are free to take up employment without the need to apply for work permit, you are also free to live in the UK permanently.

Although you are free to leave and enter the UK at any time, you may have to make an application as a returning resident if you live outside of the UK for two years or more at a time.

To avoid falling into this trap, applying for naturalisation as a British citizen is a way of gaining unlimited access to and from the UK.

For further assistance in obtaining ILR contact Rosalind Nunoo at our Bromley office on 020 8290 7982 or email rosalind.nunoo@wellerslawgroup.com