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Compensation Amounts for Personal Injuries

Find out how much your claim might be worth. Move your cursor over the injured area of the body diagram to see the range of compensation payments that may be awarded for the type of injury you have suffered, depending on severity and a number of other factors.


Compensation Amounts for Personal Injuries
1 Face, head and brain injuries: Epilepsy, head, brain, and facial injuries
2 Compensation for stress: General psychiatric damage, anxiety disorders and PTSD
3 Damage to senses: Sight, hearing, taste and smell
4 Dental injuries: Chronic tooth pain, loss of or damage to teeth
5 Burns and scarring: From minor to severe; considering nature of the injury, treatment, patient’s age and psychological impact
6 Neck injury: Minor, moderate and severe injuries, from soft tissue damage to permanent spastic quadriparesis
7 Injuries to arms:  From soft tissue damage to permanent and substantial disablement and amputations
8 Wrist and elbow injuries: From soft tissue damage and fractures to severe disabling injury
9 Damage to fingers and hands: Thumb and finger injuries, thumb and finger amputation, hand injuries
10 Shoulder injuries: From soft tissue damage to severe disabling injury
11 Lung injuries and illness: Chest injuries, lung disease, asthma
12 Paralysis: Tetraplegia (quadriplegia), paraplegia and paralysis which leads to fatality
13 Internal injuries: All types of internal injury including hernia, reproductive system, kidneys and spleen
14 Asbestos illness: Asbestosis and pleural thickening, mesothelioma and lung cancer
15 Back injuries: From minor back injuries to spinal damage causing paralysis
16 Hip injuries:  From soft tissue damage to fractured pelvis and severe damage leading to leg amputation
17 Injuries to legs and knees: From soft tissue damagae and knee injuries to amputations
18 Ankles feet and toe injuries: Including damage to ligaments and tendons, transmalleolar fracture and amputation


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