• Tetraplegia (also known as Quadriplegia) – £271,000 – £337,000
  • Paraplegia – £183,000 – £237,000
  • Shorter Durations – up to £41,000

Tetraplegia (also known as Quadriplegia)

£271,000 – £337,000. Compensation towards the bottom of this bracket will be awarded to those who are fully aware of their disability. They are generally not in any pain and their speech, sight and hearing has remained unaffected. They may require some care to help with daily living. However, in some cases  the injured person has been left in physical pain and their senses and ability to communicate have been affected. In which case compensation towards the top of this bracket will be awarded. Such cases will often involve brain damage where a degree of insight is a relevant factor.


£183,000 – £237,000. The level of compensation awarded will depend upon the amount of pain in which the injured person has been left in, how much independence they have lost, whether this has caused depression and affect life expectancy.

Shorter durations

£41,000.  Cases resulting in death, unrelated and within a short period of time after the accident will be awarded a lower sum.

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