Burns and Scarring


  • Males – £1,000 – £55,000
  • Females – £1,000 – £81,000

A number of factors are considered when determining the level of compensation awarded for burns and scarring. These can include the nature of the injury, treatment, the patients age and psychological impact. Perhaps surprisingly, compensation is higher for women than it is for men.


Trivial scarring (£1,000 – £2,000) has little effect on the injured person.  Less significant scarring (£3,000 – £7,000) is only visible upon close inspection. Significant scarring (£7,000 – £15,000) will only be visible at close distance. Less severe scarring (£15,000 – £25,000) will result in permanent disfigurement. Very severe scarring (£24,000 – £55,000) will leave the injured person with a permanent disfigurement, even after plastic surgery, causing significant psychological difficulties. Compensation within this bracket is more common for those under 30 years of age.


Trivial scarring (£1,000 – £2,000) has a minor affect on the injured person. Less significant scarring (£3,000 – £11,000) is generally one scar which can be covered with makeup or a number or smaller scars which will not have a significant impact on a persons appearance or psychological wellbeing. Significant scarring (£15,000 – £25,000) can be reduced, but not completely healed, by plastic surgery leaving the injured person some sensitivity regarding their appearance. Which would, however, be worse if they were to have no surgery at all. Less severe scarring (£25,000 – £40,000) causes substantial disfigurement and therefore has a significant psychological impact. Very severe scarring (£40,000 – £81,000) causes severe disfiguration resulting in a strong psychological difficulties. Compensation within this bracket is typically awarded to  women who are in their teens through to early 30s.

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