• Sight – £1,000 – £337,000
  • Hearing – £5,000 – £117,000
  • Taste & Smell – £16,000 – £32,000


Transient eye injuries (£1,000 – £3,000) are those in which a full recovery will have been made within a few weeks. Minor eye injuries (£3,000 – £7,000) include being struck in the eye, exposure to fumes such as smoke or being splashed by liquids. These injuries will result in pain initially cause temporary problems with vision. Minor impairment of vision (£7,000 – £17,000) may cause double vision, which is not ongoing but in some cases can cause permanent sensitivity to bright light. Serious loss of vision in one eye (£19,000 – £33,000) may result in constant double vision. In more severe cases this can cause constant blurred vision and a sensitivity to light in both eyes which will make the use of dark glasses necessary. Complete loss of sight in one eye (£41,000 – £45,000) compensation takes into account sympathetic ophthalmia and in more severe cases scarring of the eye.  Total loss of one eye (£45,000 – £55,000) will have a devastating affect on the injured persons life. The level of compensation awarded for this injury will depend on the injured persons age and the cosmetic impact this has had on them.  Loss of sight in one eye where vision is reduced in the remaining eye (£53,000 – £150,000) where there is reduced vision or problems such as double vision. Compensation at the top of this bracket will be awarded when there is a serious risk of deterioration in the remaining eye which goes beyond risk of sympathetic ophthalmia . Total blindness (£224,000) will have a significant impact on the injured persons daily life and will increase dependence on other people. Total blindness and deafness (£337,000) is considered the most devastating of injuries. This will have a severe impact on the injured person, increasing their dependence on other people.


The amount of compensation awarded can depend on whether the injury has an impact on employment and whether this will affect balance and speech. Partial hearing loss and/or tinnitus (£5,000 – £38,000) is usually caused as a result from continued exposure to noise at work. Compensation at the lower end of the bracket is awarded to those who have sustained slight hearing loss as a result. Those who have been left with severe tinnitus and hearing loss will be awarded compensation towards the top of this bracket. Total loss of hearing in one ear (£26,000 – £38,000) can result in symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness and headaches.  Total deafness and loss of speech (£75,000 – £117,000) can occur at a young age, for example by rubella infection, which has a serious affect on the development of normal speech. Compensation at the lower end of this bracket will be awarded to those where speech is unaffected.

Taste & Smell

Injuries which cause loss of taste or smell alone are rare. In nearly all cases of loss of smell there will be some impairment to taste. Loss of taste (£16,000 – £20,000) Loss of smell (£20,000 – £27,000) Total loss of taste and smell (£32,000).

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