• Asbestosis and Plueral Thickening – £12,000 – £88,000
  • Mesothelioma – £58,500 – £105,000
  • Lung Cancer – £58,000 – £81,000

Asbestosis and Plueral Thickening

This is a lung disease in which scarring thickens the thin membrane covering the lungs. When 1 – 10% (£12,000 – £32,000) of damage has been caused as a result of asbestosis this can affect lung function causing difficulty in breathing, however the condition is generally not expected to get any worse. In cases where injuries have been caused due to a higher percentage of asbestosis, in excess of 10% (£32,000 – £88,000), this can greatly affect the injured persons quality of live affecting movement, causing severe breathlessness and in more severe cases reduce life expectancy.

Lung Cancer

(£58,000 – £81,000) Has a substantial impact on everyday life in which symptoms, such as shortness of breath, persistent chest pain, tiredness, a hoarse voice and swelling of the face and neck will persist over a number of years.  In the majority of cases this will also result in death.


Causes severe pain and symptoms which last over a number of years with significant impact on daily life. The level of compensation (£58,000 – £105,000) varies greatly, depending upon the duration of suffering, the amount of invasive medical procedures, the extent to which this has spread to other organs and circumstances such as the sufferers age, their health before the disease and whether their partner or children will be affected financially after death.

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