Legs and Knees


  • Amputation – £81,000 – £235,000
  • Leg Injuries – £9,000 – £113,000
  • Knee Injuries – £11,000 – £80,000

Knee Injuries

Moderate injuries (£11,000 – £21,000) include dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus which can cause aching, discomfort and some occasional pain but where a complete recovery is expected. For more serious injuries, this can result in instability and weakness. Pre-existing conditions can also be made worse over a period of time.
Severe injuries (£21,000 – £80,000) are where there has been a disruption of the joint or ligamentous damage. When these injuries are less severe, there maybe some ongoing pain and discomfort and the need for surgery maybe necessary in the future. The most serious injuries will result in a great deal of pain, reduced movement and increasing the risk of osteoarthritis and the use of an arthroplasty.

Leg Injuries

Less serious injuries (£9,000 – £23,000) are generally fractures, soft tissue damage, lacerations, cuts, bruising or contusions where a full recovery can be made in just a few months, with some ongoing symptoms. However, in cases where  a serious fracture or soft tissue damage has occurred the injured person will be left with permanent damage such as a defective gait, limp, discomfort or worsening or an pre-existing disability.
Moderate injuries (£23,000 – £32,000) includes complicated or multiple fractures or severe crushing, usually to one limb.
Serious injuries (£32,000 – £45,000) result in instability and a lengthy treatment and recovery period. This also increases the risk of developing arthritis in the future.
Very serious injuries (£45,000 – £70,000) will cause permanent problems with movement, resulting in the use of mobility aids for the rest of the injured persons life and may require surgery in the future.
Severe injuries (£80,000 – £113,000) are the most serious injuries short of amputation. They result in extensive degloving of the leg, which causes shortening or require extensive bone grafting. Below knee amputation of one leg (£81,000 – £111,000) can be a straight forward amputation with no complications, or traumatic which is caused as a result of an accident or where several operations to try and save the injured leg was unsuccessful so amputation became necessary a few years later. Above knee amputation of one leg (£87,000 – £114,000) and below knee amputation of both legs (£168,000 – £225,000) can result in phantom pains, psychological problems and pain to the remaining limbs. Loss of both legs (£200,000 – £235,000) are where both legs are lost either above the knee or where one leg has been lost above the knee and the other leg has been lost below. Such injuries can result in psychological problems, phantom pains and deterioration of the hips and spine in the future.

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