A Professional Trustee and Executor Legal Service with a Difference

Wellers Law Group LLP is happy to be named as professional executors and trustees under a Will.

Trustee service

One of the services that sets Wellers apart is the proactive and caring approach we bring to our responsibilities as trustees.

If you set up trusts during your lifetime, particularly for older or potentially vulnerable relatives, Wellers can be named as trustees of those trusts. This could be particularly helpful where there are no family members who are able to take full responsibility for trust beneficiaries or where there are potential conflicts between the beneficiaries of the trust.

Our Private Client team are able to work with nominated relatives or independently to ensure sensible financial management and welfare issues are addressed. Where appropriate we will appoint organisations to help with day to day needs such as in home care, shopping and cooking to improve quality of life.

This is a professional service that will be met by the proceeds of the trust and provided by firms that share our concern for the welfare of trust beneficiaries. In the Bromley area we use the services of Elmes Home Care to deliver a diligent and understanding service to our clients.

If you are concerned about the long term needs of trust beneficiaries please contact Nicole Cheel-Jennings at out Bromley office

Appointing Executors

Your executors are responsible for the administration of your estate following your death, the responsibility of which includes giving effect to the provisions of your Will.

You should consider appointing at least two executors.  If you wish, you can appoint the Partners of Wellers as your executors.  Wellers’ lawyers use their specialist expertise, including knowledge not only of the law of Wills but also of the laws of property, trusts and tax to deal with your estate in the most efficient way possible. Alternatively, Wellers can be appointed to act alongside friends and/or members of your family or in default of your primary executors, in case one or more of them were to predecease you.

Particular care should be taken when appointing executors if your Will contains trusts that are likely to continue following your death (either for tax planning or personal reasons).

If you would like us to administer an estate on your behalf, or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8464 4242 or email enquiries@wellerslawgroup.com


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