Know your Rights in Family Law: Protection for You and Your Family

Domestic violence encompasses threatening behaviour, violence, controlling behaviour and emotional and physical abuse. Nearly a quarter of all recorded violent crime in England and Wales is domestic violence abuse with one incident of domestic violence or abuse being reported to the police every minute.

We are able to offer consultations by phone or a wide range of video conferencing options.

We are able to offer consultations by phone or a wide range of video conferencing options.
At the present time you may prefer not to travel or meet in person, so please let us know which means of communication would suit you best.

If you are experiencing violence or have been threatened with violence by your partner, don’t let this continue. Our team of Family Law solicitors at Wellers  Law Group LLP can help to protect you from domestic violence and will advise you of the options available to you and, if applicable, your children. Injunction proceedings can be issued swiftly, depending on the circumstances of your case.

We can also advise you if an allegation of domestic abuse has been made against you.

What our Family Law Team can do for you

We can apply to the courts for an injunction or non-molestation order to protect you from harassment, abuse or assault.

If you are still living with the partner who is abusing you, our Family Law solicitors can apply to the Courts for an Occupation Order so that you may be protected from further domestic violence or emotional abuse and no longer have to share the house with them.

This will obviously be a very difficult time for you, but our Solicitors are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of family law. They are committed to handling your situation with discretion, integrity and professionalism.

It may be that proceedings will be instituted by the police, including harassment proceedings, which will save you a great deal of time and cost.  In cases where the victim of abuse is financially dependent on the abusing party, we can advise you of the law and your rights.

Every case is different, but a victim cannot be expected to stay in a violent environment due to financial circumstances or because they feel they have no other way out.

For more information about domestic violence and abuse, and your rights the GOV.UK website has lots of guidance.

Please call our Family Law solicitors for help or advice on 020 8464 4242 for our Bromley team, 01732 457575 for Sevenoaks, 020 7481 6393 for central London or 01372 750100 for our Surrey team.  Alternatively email your enquiry to  We offer a fixed fee, no obligation one hour interview so that we may provide you with initial advice and suggest the options for your next course of action.  
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