Since the triggering of Article 50, there has been a lot of speculation and scaremongering in the UK as to the rights of EEA nationals and their family members living in the UK.

We now know that the UK is expected to formally leave the European Union on 29th March 2019. We are however none the wiser as to what the negotiations would generate by way of maintaining the status and rights of EEA nationals already living in the UK.

In order to safeguard your rights in the UK as an EEA national who has been living in the UK, you must apply for either residence document or permanent residence. Although EEA nationals living in the UK are not required to make any sort of application to prove residence, in view of Brexit and the uncertainty surrounding the future of EEA nationals, it will be wise to make an application as a way of protecting one’s right when the time comes.

An EEA national who has lived in the UK for less than two years can apply for a registration certificate if employed, studying, self-sufficient or self-employed.

An EEA national who has lived in the UK for 5 years or more can apply for settlement status which can then be relied on to applied for naturalisation as a British citizen.

Why should I get a document?

The current intention is that the UK would allow EEA nationals already living in the UK to maintain their residence as long as the same right is accorded to UK nationals living in member states.

The difficulty would be that Immigration Officers may not be able to differentiate between established EEA nationals living in the UK and those who arrive after March 2019. The only way to prove status is by way of registration certificate or settlement.


At Wellers, we provide a top to tail immigration service which allows us to take the strain from you by completely taking over your matter and submitting your application to the Home Office. This way, the only thing required of you will be to provide us with all supporting documents and leaving the rest in our capable hands.

The application process takes up to six month to conclude and during this time, we will keep you abreast with each step of the process until your permit is issued.

For further assistance please contact Rosalind Nunoo at our Bromley office on 020 8290 7982 or email