All I want for Christmas….is to see my child

When a relationship breaks down and there is a child or children involved, the courts do not generally intervene unless there is a dispute.  It is up to the parents to agree the arrangements between them.

In an ideal world, parents would automatically work together and there would be a shared care arrangement with the children sharing equal time with each parent.  However, it is not always possible for the children to be able to share their time equally between their parents and their extended families.  It can sometimes be disruptive for the children and does not always work given work commitments, the logistics of where parents live or the structure of many family routines.

Moreover, when a relationship breaks down more often than not, emotions can run high.  Issues concerning child arrangements can be incredibly emotional and stressful.  This is especially the case, on the lead up to the Christmas period when extended families wish to meet and be together during the festivities.

With this in mind there are some obvious but important principles to follow to make arranging contact easier this Christmas and into the New Year.

  • Always put the children first. It may sound like common sense, but it must be a priority for both parties.  Equally, the Court’s paramount consideration whenever dealing with a Children Act application is the welfare of the children.  It is always deemed to be in the children’s best interests that they should have a relationship with both parents unless more harm would be caused to the children by having a relationship with that parent.
  • Communicate with the other parent and be flexible. It is important that parents communicate with each other at all times concerning issues in respect of your child(ren).
  • Plan ahead and record the agreement reached into a Child Arrangements Agreement. A member of our Family Law Department can assist you in recording an agreement into a legally binding document so as to provide certainty and consistency moving forward for you and your children.

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