Can Brexit Frustrate a Lease

An important question which has arisen in the commercial property industry in recent years is whether Brexit operates to frustrate a lease. What exactly does that mean?

A move towards no fault divorce

An update from Louise Pearce, Family Law Solicitor at our Bookham office Just this weekend the Justice Secretary has confirmed plans to reduce conflict in divorce proceedings. To bring a divorce in England and Wales spouses or civil partners have to show that the marriage or civil partnership has irretrievably broken down. This is evidenced […]

Owens v Owens and no fault divorces

Many family lawyers have been calling for the law relating to divorce to be updated to allow for no fault divorce so as to avoid causing further conflict and acrimony between divorcing couples. At present, you can only divorce if you can establish one of five facts – three of which are dependent upon you […]

Civil partnership or same sex marriage

A number of my gay and lesbian friends have either celebrated or will be celebrating their 10-year civil partnership anniversary and this led me to reflect on the law in relation to civil partnerships and same sex marriages in the United Kingdom. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 was ground-breaking legislation which came into force in […]