Governance audits

Directors are increasingly being held personally liable for their company’s actions. This can frequently apply to situations such as wrongful trading, health and safety, environmental issues, breach of Companies Act requirements and failure to exercise reasonable care and skill when carrying out duties. If you have identified a specific governance weakness you wish to address or are preparing your business for growth or for sale. Use the Wellers Lawplus service to ensure your legal structure, policies and processes are in order.

Our legal audit, Lawplus, is designed to give you a full legal assessment and risk-control service, formally assessing a wide range of day to day and longer term risk.

  • Contracts with third parties
  • Health & Safety
  • Insurance protection
  • Intellectual property and data protection ·structure of the company/business
  • Compliance with current legislation ·employees and officers of the company
  • Plant and machinery
  • Environmental matters

The Lawplus service delivers actionable reports to keep your business and your directors aware of inadequate policies systems and controls which could present a risk, keeping you ahead of the game, so that you can take preventative action before a crisis occurs.

Tailored to your needs

Our service can be tailored to suit exactly the requirements and budget of your business, able to focus on the aspects of the business where you believe you are most open to risk. Our report will be objective and practical to give you a complete and accurate picture of the current state of your business and the actions you may need to take. What’s more, the insurance market recognises the importance of assessments such as Lawplus in preventing claims – a business that has undergone a Lawplus Legal Audit can expect to receive a discount on insurance premiums, because a legal audit improves your risk profile.

Through our Lawplus service your business can benefit in many ways

  • Diagnose sensitive areas and advise on preventative measures
  • Ensure your company complies with both existing and foreseeable legislation affecting companies, its members, employees and those with whom your company has dealings
  • Advise on legal liabilities affecting your company
  • Assist in your company’s growth and development
  • Assist your company to make itself more attractive to potential investors’ and purchasers
  • Reduce the risk of litigation
  • Enable the directors to understand and carry out their personal responsibilities as directors
  • Assist your company in its relationship with shareholders, bankers and any other funding
  • Review objectively your company’s standing
  • Reduce the time taken in sorting out problems that should never have arisen