Administering Estates – Procedures and Pitfalls

A recent survey has shown that more than one in ten people who are thought to have died intestate (i.e. without leaving a will) may actually have made a will and that a similar number of those who leave a will which is initially believed to be the last will they made did, in fact, […]

BOMAD Lending hits Record High in COVID-2021

Analysis from property group Savills shows that 2021 was a particularly expensive year for the Bank of Mum and Dad. The research suggests that total BOMAD lending in 2021 reached around £10 billion and benefitted around 169,000 first-time buyers – that’s around 49% of all FTB property transactions for the year. BOMAD lending has definitely […]

Don’t Get Caught Out by Property Fraud

In November 2021, the BBC reported on the shocking case of a man who found his house in Luton had been fraudulently sold while he was working away. The man described the moment when he struggled to get back into his house and establish himself as the rightful owner, only to find that the Land […]

UK Immigration Support for Ukrainians Coming to the UK

A number of temporary visa concessions have been granted for Ukrainians fleeing the war in their home country, as well as for family members of British citizens living in Ukraine, and for Ukrainians who are already in the UK on temporary visas. However, Ukrainian males aged 18-60, including dual-nationals, are still prohibited from leaving the […]

New Immigration Routes for Global Talent and Innovators

The Government’s latest Innovation Strategy was published in July 2021. The proposals focus on the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the creation of a “robust and agile economy” that will work for everyone and be viable for future generations. One of the four “key pillars” identified as being crucial to the strategy is […]

Do you need a freezing injunction to protect marital assets?

If you feel there is a danger that your spouse might be hiding assets and money in divorce, or is already disposing of assets before divorce, and this action is intended to deprive you of your rights to matrimonial wealth during a divorce financial settlement claim, a freezing injunction might be a suitable course of […]

Divorce and the Family Business

If you run a family business with your spouse or civil-partner and you are undergoing a divorce, one of your foremost thoughts is likely to be, “What will happen to the business?” The ending of a business relationship is always a complex consideration and here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about […]