This is Why You Should Never Make a Will Without Taking Legal Advice

Making a will without the benefit of professional legal advice is an excellent recipe for strife between your loved ones after you are gone. That was sadly so in the case of a cancer sufferer who had no understanding that, when she signed her will, she was disinheriting her two beloved children. About two and […]

Parking Fine Imposed on Private Landowner Triggers High Court Test Case

A fine imposed on a householder for parking her Land Rover on her own land put the conflict between private ownership and public access to the road network in high relief and provided the subject matter for an important High Court test case. For many years the householder had regularly parked her car on a […]

Can Planning Objections Amount to Harassment? Guideline High Court Ruling

Landowners intent on developing their properties can find it intensely annoying when neighbours resist their plans. However, as a High Court ruling made plain, the right to object to planning applications is one of the benefits of living in a democratic country where freedom of expression is taken seriously. The case concerned a property set […]

High Court Authorises Withdrawal of Young Father’s Life-Sustaining Treatment

Many families whose loved ones are in hospital on life support understandably cling to the hope that they will in time recover. As a High Court ruling showed, however, where such hopes run contrary to the weight of expert medical evidence, judges have the unenviable task of deciding where a patient’s best interests lie. The […]

Let Down by Your Builders? A Good Lawyer Will See You Right

Many householders are familiar with the often traumatic experience of falling out with builders. However, as a High Court case showed, if their work is not up to scratch or left unfinished, litigation lawyers will bend every sinew to ensure that fair compensation is paid. A homeowner engaged builders to perform major construction works on […]

Woman Denied Non-Resident Status Faces Seven-Figure Tax Demand

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) adopts a tough approach when considering whether a person who claims non-resident tax status has spent more than the permitted number of days in the UK. It certainly brooked no compromise in the case of a woman who ended up with a seven-figure tax bill. The day before the end […]