In Dispute with Your Neighbour? A Lawyer Will Help to Restore Peace

Disputes between neighbours frequently inflict enormous emotional and financial harm on all involved. A High Court dispute concerning use of a shared driveway showed why any lawyer would advise sensible negotiation as a far better alternative to litigation. A couple’s right of way over the driveway, by which they accessed their rural home, was restricted […]

Undervaluing an Estate during the Probate Process

When the recording artist Prince died without a Will in 2016, aged 57, controversy soon began surrounding the administration of his estate. Fast-forward almost five years and the storm is still raging as the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has determined that the estate administrators’ original valuation of the estate was woefully low. In fact, the […]

Clerical Errors in Your Will or Codicil Can Create Discord After You Are Gone

Even apparently obvious or trifling clerical errors in a will or codicil may provide fertile ground for dispute and that is why it is so important to have such documents drafted by a professional. In a High Court case on point, a straightforward mathematical blunder came close to defeating a deceased scientist’s wishes. By his […]

Passenger Defeats International Airline in Battle Over Misspelt Name

Individuals can feel almost powerless when faced with the might of large corporations but, with the right legal advice, that is very far from being so. In a case on point, a judge ruled that an international airline had no right to charge a passenger almost £1,000 for a fresh ticket merely because the original […]

Driving Instructor Stricken by COVID-19 Pays for Ignorance of the VAT Regime

The VAT regime is far from straightforward and anyone going into business on their own account should take professional tax advice at the outset. In a striking case on point, a driving instructor who was recovering from a life-threatening bout of COVID-19 had reason to regret his ignorance of the law. The man had initially […]

Disabled Would-Be Tenant Discriminated Against by Letting Agency

The much-criticised practice of some landlords and their agents of excluding those in receipt of state benefits from obtaining private rented accommodation has been effectively outlawed by a judge’s ruling on the basis that it amounts to indirect disability discrimination. The case concerned an energetic and determined young man who wished to provide for his […]

Disturbed by Your Neighbours’ Building Plans? See a Solicitor Today

If you feel that your neighbours’ building plans will impact on your views or otherwise harm your enjoyment of your home, you should not hesitate to consult a solicitor. In one case, a couple who did just that succeeded in blocking construction of a strikingly modern house on land adjoining their garden. The couple’s neighbours […]