UK Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act (the “Act”). It sets out the processes that Wellers Law Group LLP (the “Company”) is implementing to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its business operations and supply chains.

Organisation structure, our business and supply chain

Wellers Law Group LLP is a multi-disciplinary legal practice, incorporating Wellers Reece-Jones and Wellers Hedleys. We purchase goods and services necessary to maintain the provision of legal advice to personal and business clients. We seek to provide a stimulating, collaborative and supportive workplace for our staff, and to give legal advice at a fair price for the expertise and experience we offer.

Assessment of risk

We carry out suitable due diligence on all suppliers, agents, introducers and partners who we work with. In general, our supply chain involves regulated professional advisers, financial services firms, IT service providers and legal services businesses that use and employ well regarded contractors with good operating standards. These suppliers are almost all based in the UK. We are also aware of the potentially higher risks associated with certain roles such as office cleaning and waste disposal and overall we consider the risk of slavery or human trafficking within our supply chain to be low. We therefore select suppliers carefully and monitor this risk accordingly.


Wellers aims to act with the highest standards across all its operations. We are committed to integrating responsible business practices throughout our operations and have a number of policies in place relating to our environment, community, workplace and marketplace.

We view the prevention of modern slavery as an important part of corporate good governance, and plan to develop and implement an appropriate Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking policy.

The Company also intends to include anti-slavery provisions in contracts with suppliers to gain a contractual promise that its suppliers are not taking part in any practice that constitutes modern slavery or human trafficking, and ask suppliers to do the same with their subcontractors should they have any.


The Company shall periodically carry out due diligence on existing service providers to assess and review their approach to combatting slavery and human trafficking. The procedures are intended to be proportionate to severity of the identified modern slavery risk.

Assessing and managing risk

The Company shall periodically carry out risk assessments of our suppliers, the results of which will be used as a reference for business decisions. We will hold regular reviews of our supply chain to ensure that the measures we are putting in place are and remain effective.


The Company trains staff to ensure they understand the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains.

This statement has been approved by the Company’s management team.

Neil Sandy, Chief Executive Officer 2020