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Philanthropy through your business success with GivingWorks

More than ever before the world needs business owners to be philanthropic, prepared to give their time, money, motivation and skills to help others and not expect anything in return. 

The team at Wellers Consultancy has an impressive track record in sustainability and helping to build businesses that take environmental, social and governance issues seriously. Within the wider Wellers Law Group we have established our own impact investing business (Wellers Impact) and a leading water-related investment fund (Water Unite). We also work closely with the charity GivingWorks.

If you are one of those exceptional individuals who is ready to step up to address the challenges we face then it is likely you already give to charity.  We invite you to take the next step and establish your own charitable foundation to make your charitable giving even more effective.

What is GivingWorks?

GivingWorks is a registered charity, set up purely to assist those who wish to contribute towards the public good and support charitable causes anywhere in the world. Through GivingWorks we have been helping clients for over 20 years; establishing and administering charitable foundations on their behalf, providing them with all the support needed to achieve their philanthropic goals.

GivingWorks offers you the opportunity to set up your own charitable foundation, fully compliant with charity law, able to receive Gift Aid on donations and without the administrative burden of running a charity. To make things as simple as possible for you, the GivingWorks charity team works as your foundation’s back office, allowing you to focus on achieving your philanthropic objectives.

Setting up a GivingWorks charitable foundation gives you all the moving parts of a charity:

  • Your own charitable bank account 
  • Gift Aid
  • Taking in funds delivered through giving platforms
  • Financial reconciliation of donations with expenses and grants paid out by your foundation
  • Compliance with Charity Commission requirements and reporting
  • Due diligence to ensure recipients of your grants are legitimate
  • Distribution of grants to beneficiaries and charities you wish to support
  • The GivingWorks Trustees to oversee the whole process on your behalf

Furthermore, we have knowledgeable and valuable contacts who have worked for much of their lives in the not-for-profit sector available for when you need advice.

For more information on how your business can set up a charitable foundation, please contact us on 020 7481 2422 or email

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