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Hiring Overseas Skilled Workers & Family

You may want to hire skilled migrant workers for your hospitality enterprise, meaning you will have to navigate the complexities of obtaining and maintaining a Sponsor Licence. Our immigration team can take this burden off your shoulders, enabling you to continue to run your business and continue serving your customers.

Employing migrant workers

If your organisation wishes to employ migrant workers as skilled workers from outside the UK and Ireland, you must hold a valid sponsor licence.

Sponsor licence application process

Our experienced lawyers will evaluate your company’s eligibility for a sponsor licence.

Following this, our lawyers will assist you in completing the sponsor licence application form, ensure all relevant information is included and all supporting documents are submitted for a successful application.

As part of the service, we can provide you with expert advice and guidance on how to setup an appropriate HR system to manage your sponsored workers. This will inevitably ensure that you meet the Home Office compliance requirements.

Sponsor licence processing timescale

Following the 2 part submission process of your Sponsor Licence application, a decision will be made within 8 weeks.

You do have the option to expedite your application for £500 and receive a decision within 10 working days.

Please note, The 10 working day consideration period begins the working day following the date you paid the priority service fee and excludes weekends and public holidays.


Following the approval of your sponsor licence application, our Solicitors will provide you with 4 years admin support by reporting to the Home Office, migrant activity and/or changes to your business itself. We will ensure as licenced sponsors, you remain compliant with the Immigration rules throughout the life of your licence.

Managing visa applications for the migrants you want to sponsor

We will manage visa applications from start to finish in respect of migrants you wish to sponsor. We will liaise directly with the migrants to gather all supporting documents and information needed for a successful skilled worker application.

Renewing your sponsor licence

Your licence is valid for 4 years once granted. To continue sponsoring migrant workers, a renewal application via the Sponsor Licence Management system (SMS) must be made. The earliest you can renew your licence is 3 months prior to your current licence expiry date.

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