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Wellers Wealth, based in the heart of the city of London, is a specialist service and part of the wider Wellers Law Group LLP. We were established to provide clients and their advisers with a crucial part of the wealth management jigsaw.

Our service focuses on technical aspects of tax and associated tax law. These two elements often pose the most significant risks to wealth if not managed correctly and also the greatest opportunities to protect and preserve where an effective strategy is put in place.

Wellers Law Group

Wellers Law Group LLP is a modern full-service legal practice, established in 1881 which comprises a number of highly respected legal practices across London and the South East of the UK. Each of these brings their own specific skills and specialist knowledge.

As a group of nearly one hundred legal professionals we set very high standards in all aspects of the work we conduct, our level of expertise and our service. We are motivated by adding real value in addressing your legal needs, finding better and more practical answers for you and doing so in a friendly and approachable way.

Support for financial advisers, solicitors and accountants

We work with financial advisers, solicitors, accountants and other professionals to help determine the most tax efficient way to structure and hold personal, family and business assets, and when the time comes, pass those assets on to future generations.

  • Wellers Wealth can operate as your firm’s technical department, on call to implement tax and trust solutions and add value to your client relationships.
  • We provide training masterclasses for professional advisers, allowing your own team to identify opportunities to save or make money for your clients and giving them a real edge over the competition.
  • All our advice is developed specifically for each client, based on a detailed and in-depth examination of their circumstances.
  • We will take great care of your clients and always keep our partners informed of all advice and interaction with their clients.

For tax or trust issues requiring expert advice

Whether it is a matter of personal wealth or structuring business assets and taking income you can talk to Wellers Wealth for practical, actionable legal solutions.

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