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Personal Tax Review

Free Initial Consultation

Are you concerned that you may be paying too much personal tax or building up a major tax liability for the future?

Start the process of getting back in control with a Free Initial Consultation with our Head of Wellers Wealth, Ingrid McCleave, a hugely experienced private client solicitor and trained tax barrister.

The Wellers Wealth Personal Tax Review focuses on estate and succession planning. We will:

  • Identify tax savings that can be made immediately
  • Maximise the value of the allowances and reliefs available to you
  • Highlight future risks and how to mitigate them

During your free consultation we will help you to identify potential problem areas and show you how to maxmise your income in terms of Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty and Inheritance Tax. If you already know of a particular area requiring attention then let us know and we will inform you where we can assist.

Your choice

We will confirm in writing any aspects of your personal tax situation that were discussed and which may require action and propose steps that we believe would benefit you. You decide if the information you receive should be progressed and whether you would want Wellers Wealth to construct an action plan for you. There is however no commitment to use our services.

To book your initial consultation now please use our enquiry form or for more information call us on 020 7481 2422 or email

We will take business interests and ownership into consideration in your consultation, however we are unable to incorporate detailed business tax issues you may have at this stage. All guidance we provide will be provisional, based on the initial information you provide and subject to more detailed examination if you are to ask Wellers Wealth to act on your behalf. Our guidance should not be construed as legal or tax advice at this stage.

For tax or trust issues requiring expert advice

Whether it is a matter of personal wealth or structuring business assets and taking income you can talk to Wellers Wealth for practical, actionable legal solutions.

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