Debt recovery services

As an individual, if someone owes you a large sum of money it can be difficult to know what to do. The cost and stress of litigation may seem onerous, but if the debt is significant you will almost certainly want to ensure it is settled as swiftly as possible.

If you know the specific amount you wish to recover and it is under £100,000 you can make a money claim yourself on the GOV.UK website. There will be court fees to pay but this route is likely to be quicker and cheaper than using a debt recovery solicitor.

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How can I recover a high-value debt?

Firstly, you should contact the person or business that owes you money to make sure they understand the situation and your intention to reclaim the debt.

If you intend to commence a money claim against the debtor through the courts, you will need to draft a formal letter notifying them of your intentions. You may wish to seek the advice, guidance and representation of a debt recovery solicitor who will be able to draft the letter in accordance with the rules and pre-action protocols relating to the type of debtor you are dealing with.

The debt recovery solicitors at Wellers Law Group can draft this letter. There is a fee of £500 plus VAT for this service.

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In many cases, the letter before action is enough to elicit payment or, at the very least, to enable negotiations about a suitable payment plan to settle the debt.

What does a debt recovery solicitor do?

A debt recovery solicitor will advise you of your options in respect of debt recovery and the possible costs involved.

Your debt recovery solicitor will investigate the debtor to see whether they have the means to pay the debt and advise you accordingly about the likelihood of success.

Mediation may be necessary before litigation commences and a court may look unfavourably on any party who refuses to mediate. Wellers’ debt recovery solicitors can represent and advise you during Alternative Dispute Resolution negotiations, and review and evaluate any proposals put forward by the other party for settling the debt. However, Wellers Law Group is not a debt collection agency.

If you decide to litigate, which should always be seen as the last resort, your solicitor will be able to act on your behalf in all communications and negotiations with the debtor and/or their legal team.

Debt recovery solutions

We are able to offer a range of debt recovery-related solutions, including the following:

  • Obtaining judgments
  • Enforcing judgments
  • Bankruptcy and winding-up procedures
  • Asset reports
  • Company check reports
  • Data enhancement
  • Debt recovery
  • Letters before action
  • Legal proceedings
  • Trace reports

Wellers’experienced solicitors conduct debt recovery litigation and enforcement through a number of methods including charging orders, orders for sale, third-party debt orders, attachment of earnings orders, freezing injunctions, and the instruction of bailiffs. We will work with debt collection agencies to secure recovery of your money.

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High-value debt recovery claims with Wellers Law

When a debt is considerable, you will want to make sure you have the best chance of recovering the money.

The litigation team at Wellers Law Group has the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with the service you need. We will give you pragmatic advice in respect of the likely costs of action and the chances of success.

If you are owed a six-figure sum, you can contact our debt recovery team on 020 8464 4242.

For business and commercial clients, you can find out more about our commercial debt recovery services here.