By Rosalind Nunoo, immigration solicitor at our Bromley office.

As the long awaited Brexit negotiations begin it is perhaps relevant to consider how easy it will be for businesses to bring in employees from non-EU states after 2019.

Certainly without the free movement of labour it is likely that an increasing number will be coming from other continents, and if European companies decide to relocate operations into the EEA, that will open up market gaps for non-European businesses to set up in the UK.

What will be essential is clarity of government policy and procedure to make it easier for the skilled employees to gain entry. The rules that apply in this area at present are not always understood and often may need explanation.

More explanation required for refusals

This was certainly the case for a recent instructions we received from a travel organisation based in Mauritius and Nigeria. The Company wished to open a branch in the UK and to be licensed to bring employees from other branches to the UK.

At the time of Wellers receiving instructions, the organisation had already made two attempts to apply for a Sponsorship Licence from UK Visas & Immigration and both had been refused.

At the outset, we requested to see the refusal letters to understand why previous applications had failed and what could be done to ensure another application would be successful.

The reason for the refusal was that such an organisation is expected to provide evidence to demonstrate that the prospective sponsor organisation has a direct link by common ownership, that is to say, one company owns the other, or both must be part of a group of companies controlled by the same parent company or holding company with overseas entities from which migrants are expected to be transferred to the UK.

Working closely together with representatives of the organisation both in and out of the UK, we were able to advise on extra documentary evidence which goes to show the genuine intention of the organisation as well as the need to have the ability to bring experienced employees to the UK under the auspices of inter-company transfers.

The organisation is now established in the UK with a valid Sponsorship Licence which enables them to rotate employees between the UK, Nigeria and Mauritius. Needless to say, another happy client bagged.

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