Heather Bannister

Support Staff

Residential Conveyancing

020 8290 7991 Email

Julie Bowen

Support Staff

Power of Attorney, Wills, Trusts & Estate

Residential Conveyancing

01732 466367 Email Julie

Secretary to the Property Department in our Sevenoaks office

Bronwyn Olivier

Support Staff

01732 750114 Email Bronwyn

Bronwyn is an administrator in our East Horsley office

Janet Cole

Support Staff

020 8464 4242 Email Janet

Janet is the main receptionist at our Bromley office

Jake Eales

Support Staff

Residential Conveyancing

01372 750 118 Email Jake

Jake is an Administrative Assistant working with the Property team in our Surrey offices.

Cynthia Craven

Support Staff

020 7481 6382 Email Cynthia

Cynthia is secretary to Paul Martin at our London office

Julija Kazlauskaite

Support Staff

01372 750 100 Email Julija

Julija is an Administrative Assistant working across our offices in Surrey.

Terry Garrod

Support Staff

020 8295 1989 Email

Terry is a secretary for the Conveyancing Department in our Chislehurst office.

Jessica Gurzynski

Support Staff

01372 750 100 Email Jessica

Jessica is an Administrative Assistant in our Surrey offices.

Denise Hyde

Support Staff

Corporate Litigation & Dispute Resolution

020 8290 3981 Email Denise

Secretary to James Baird

Samuel Ha

Support Staff

01372 456221 Email Samuel

Samuel is an Administrative Assistant across our Surrey offices.