Effect of Covid & Brexit on UK Immigration

What can you do?

Although there has been no change in the Immigration Rules per se, the pandemic has resulted in administrative consequences for applications and appeals. The fast changing nature of the coronavirus pandemic has left some visa holders in a state of uncertainty and confusion.

It is well known that the UK Immigration system aims to create an  environment that does not make makes staying in the UK straightforward for migrants.

Presently, visa holders are naturally concerned about issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic. UKVI expects that individuals take reasonable steps to either depart from the UK or apply to extend or change visa status during this period of global pandemic. If your visa expires between 01/01/2021 and 28/02/2021, you can request for additional time to remain in the UK known as “exceptional assurance”. Grant of exceptional assurance acts as a short-term protection against adverse consequences on future applications.

Access to work, healthcare, housing and bank accounts are restricted and this will now affect EU nationals living in the UK since Brexit.

As at 31/12/2020, the transition period between the UK and the EU ended which means that EU nationals and their families will no longer enjoy free movement in the UK. Although the EU Settlement Scheme is now in place, the system has experienced long delays of up to one year in some cases.

Some visa extensions are delayed but applications are been processed as normal and appointment for biometrics are also taking place so DO NOT fall between the cracks with confusion. Seek professional advice.

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